Review Request vs Can reviews just happen naturally?

Hi @MarieHuggins okay great, (I’m assuming Monday as in yesterday?), I would give it a little while and see if it appears first before chasing up again.
Fingers crossed.

I didn’t get an email

@Samox24 hope so. I went above and beyond. In a quandary about my review. I didn’t receive email. Should i?

Hi @MarieHuggins the only email we received after we completed our last sit towards the end of last month was the one shown below that was auto generated after the Homeowners had left our review. This then prompted us with the following; ”to head to your profile to read your 5 review and leave your pet parent feedback!”* …which we then did.

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@Samox24 hmmm, when i open the app. I get a pop up asking for a review. Wondering if i close it, I’ll be able to return to it later.

Hi @MarieHuggins yes on the phone App if you close it, it will still “pop up” again so don’t worry too much about this and you can always go to your profile photo, click on this and you will see the drop-down menu for Reviews & References & Feedback options, (this is on my phone App version), so you can still request a review and view once it’s received and you can leave feedback for the homeowner this way too.

Just to clarify regarding your question, if you are on the desk top version and you cross out the pop-up, then it does not pop up again. You will then need to go to your past sit page in your drop-down menu where it will show the options Past Sits & Past Sitters. If you need any more assistance just let me know. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Samox24 thank you for all your help. I clicked on ‘request review’ again.