Roommates Not Mentioned?

I was going to apply for a Sit in San Francisco, California, USA, and only upon reading the Reviews, I realized that the accommodation was the Owner’s bedroom in a home with other roommates. I would be sharing the home with others.

The Owner does not disclose these details in the description. An applicant could easily think that they would have the home to themselves. What the heck? How is this right?

Hi @PVGemini. Please DM me the link, and I’ll ask membership services to look into it. Thanks much!

Sounds like that sit violates THS’s rule against anyone being at the home while the sitter is there. Maybe report the listing to membership services?

Oops. Crossed comments with @Karen_E.

Can someone please point me to this rule? I had a sit where the owner did not disclose until we were well into discussions that I might need to share the space with a family member.

It’s in the Terms and Conditions:

5.2.13. ensure your home is vacated for a Sitter throughout the duration of the Sit , and that no third parties will interfere with the Sitter’s enjoyment of your property;

I’ve actually seen ads like this from time to time. I wish there was a little Flag button I could push to send the info to support to look at

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Like others have pointed out, this is against the terms. That is so strange they didn’t think to mention something so important. If someone is seeking a sitter, it is a pretty reasonable assumption that they don’t have anyone else in the home that can care for the animal, and you would be there by yourself. You would be totally within your rights to cancel if they cannot offer you an empty house.

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I would suggest that an Owner not be allowed to place such a listing on the THS site. I really do not understand how these blatantly wrong listings are allowed.