Saved Searches & Site Functionality

Saved Searchs are a great idea and helps you avoid wading through sits you are not interested in. However, it appears you can only save a search for a specific period for 3 countries/ regions or ‘anywhere’.
Why not allow a sitter to save a search period for Europe. As regular travellers to Europe, until ‘you know what’ hit us all, we are open to sitting opportunities in Europe or the UK, but still have to wade through USA, Puerto Rico, Asia, etc just to do so.
I hope this sparks a response.
David O


Hi David. I agree, I love saved searches, for us it’s been such an improvement and help with finding sits. I know the internal team have been working on saved searches a lot over the past month, so I’m going to tag @Therese-Moderator to see if she can give you any extra tips on how to use these and be able to pass your query/suggestion back to the team. All the best.


Hi @DavidO - we use saved searches all the time and agree they are a great resource. If you search ‘ANYWHERE’ in your saved search - when the map of your search shows just click on the ‘Europe’ marker on the map and this will then filter out all the no European listings and now will only show you the listings that you want to see in Europe


Although I use the Saved Search facility, I do like to discover new places.
How about bringing the daily listings back?
@Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr , now that the amount of sittings have increased considerably, are there any plans to bring the daily emails back?


Hi @DavidO @Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr thank you @Colin for that brilliant suggestion regarding Europe. It really is the best way to filter just Europe. @Itchyfeet As the daily alerts, unfortunately, will not be reinstated going forward, the ‘Anywhere’ search save feature works extremely well as a ‘daily email’ which will show all new sits worldwide. Then perhaps to use the map feature on the Anywhere search, to hone in on other areas/countries of interest. Hope this helps. Warm regards Therese


Hi @Itchyfeet I think that the new “saved search email” is the replacement for for the daily email as detailed here by Ben a couple of weeks ago…

Update - New Saved Search Email :rocket:

Thanks Colin. There had to be a way….and you found it! Hopefully THS will add this helpful hint on the site.

Hi Therese. I read the post from @Ben-ProductManager when it came out, and waited a while to try things out. I had been using saved searches for some time. I understand @Colin’s approach, and it does work to answer @DavidO 's query. However, I totally agree with @Itchyfeet, in wanting to still be able to get an email with daily listings. I don’t believe the current upgrades can accomplish that.

If I do an ‘anywhere’ search, there’s no option for me to save that. As I see it, that’s the only search that would replicate the daily email. I do really appreciate being able to set specific searches and have notifications come to my phone. I have two set - one for close to my home, and another for my first-choice destination for winter. Now, if I set a third, for perhaps ‘North America’, my phone will ding like crazy, with so many sits that I would have previously scrolled through in the daily email. After Ben’s post, I tried saved searches for just two states in the USA for a while, but the phone notifications were incessant and I removed them.

I’m a supporter of progress and change, but as the system now stands, as I see it we still can’t replicate the daily email. If the saved searches could somehow be broken down into email vs phone notifications (and I can’t see how that could happen), then that would be an additional improvement. As things now stand, unless I want to be driven crazy by phone pings, I have to restrict my notifications to my priorities. @Ben-ProductManager , please jump in, if I’m misunderstanding something.


Hi @Snowbird

  • If you create a Saved Search on the App you will get an app notification every hour if new results match your Saved Search.
  • If you create a Saved Search on the Web you will get an email every day if new results match your saved search.

Thanks for flagging, as this is something we need to improve to make it easier for members to get the type of alerts/notifications they would prefer.

Thanks, Ben


Oh Ben, thank you so much for this clarification. You’ve saved me from suffering phone pinging overload :hear_no_evil:


As a long term member of THS (9 years and counting) I am really missing the twice daily email of new sits.
I know I can set up searches but that assumes I know where I want to go which is rarely the case. I am hugely grateful for the two week Christmas and New Year sit in Johannesburg I spotted and applied for on a whim, this led to two months in South Africa, including the last long haul holiday for my mum ( she joined us for three weeks) as we returned just a few weeks before Covid hit.
We have picked up sits while long term traveling which have shaped our travels but would never have been caught by a search created by me.
I am seeing so many disappointed home owners who are not getting applications that may have been picked up if they had just been presented to people.
This truly has been a retrograde step, its replacement by a once weekly email (that I don’t believe shows all sits added that week) that only lists countries up to the UK is really rubbing salt into the wound.
Why have we lost a great resource without it being replaced by something better?


@JackieX I totally agree! Saved searches certainly do not serve the same purpose as the twice daily email of new listings. HO should feel disappointed that their listings are not being brought to the attention of HS at the earliest convenience to when they are listed. For Premium members, just how are their listings boosted if they’re not advertised in the twice daily listings email? I can’t see the once weekly listings email serving this purpose!


I’m confused. I receive a saved-search mail daily for everything available in 3 places I’m interested in. But Why only 3?

Hi @Lauraa - there was an announcement by Product Manager Ben just recently…

… which announced an increase from 3 to 10 search results in the saved search email.

If you find that you are still restricted to 3 then this is one for membership services to have a look at. I’m tagging @Therese-Moderator so she’s aware of this post in case you need further assistance. All the best.

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Dear Vanessa and @Therese-Moderator
Where did that announcement take place? Anyway I’ve just tried to increase from 3 and still am told

You’ve reached your limit on saved searches

To add another saved search, delete a current saved search.

Hi Laura… here’s the link with the announcement…

@Therese-Moderator would you be able to look into and help Laura on this … thank you so much :slight_smile:

Thank you - I wondered where this announcement took place and when? Do you mean it was a topic in this forum not an email?

Hi @Lauraa - let me have a look for you and email you directly from membership services.
Kind regards Therese

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Hi. I have the classic plan for sitter. My understanding from Ben is that the website only allows me 3 saved searches, but the app allows me 10. I just did a test of that and my results matched what he said. @Lauraa @Therese-Moderator @Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr

Ben also clarified recently which saves generate an email vs a notification on my phone. See his reply to me here, shown as 6 days ago.

Hi @Lauraa … Sorry for the confusion… there are 2 questions in play here on this thread and 2 answers. I’ll put here in detail in case anyone else wants clarification as I suspect Therese will have already explained to you directly.

  1. Your first post mentioned the “saved-search mail daily” email which does now show up to 10 saved searches, if you’ve saved 10. That’s the announcement Ben made here in the forum and as per the link I shared above.

  2. To set up to 10 saved searches… if you are a classic or basic member then you’ll need to use the app to currently get access to all 10. These will then be reflected in the saved-search email, up to a max of 10. If you use the desktop version you can currently only save 3 searches and will only see 3 in the email.

For standard or premium memberships you can save more than 10 searches on the desktop or the app and see a max of 10 in the daily email.

I hope that makes sense :slight_smile: All the best