Seattle area with Homestead and loves to Travel

Hello all,

Middle aged gentleman here with my partner. We have a small homestead in the Seattle, WA USA area with a whole host of animals (Buff Orpington chickens, Muscovy ducks, Boar goats, Katahdin sheep, Kune Kune pigs, some calico kitties, and a Spanish Maremma/Great Pyranese cross LGD. I love to travel (sometimes my gal joins me/sometimes she stays home as she’s more of a home-body type) and enjoy experiencing new food, people, cultures, and history. Other things I dig are wonderful music, exploring nature, board games, and other such pleasantries.

I just did my first Pet sit on a lovely little farm similar to ours in the local area and am travelling to Spain for my next one over the holidays (so very much excited for that). Always open for chats or to connect with folks with similar interests or ideas.


Hello @Jerome and a warm welcome to our community of pet lovers and travellers!

Wow, that some list of interesting animals … I’ve been checking out your profile in hope of some great pics from your homestead and just have to share this very “upcoming Halloween appropriate” image :star_struck:


Love that you took the opportunity to help out someone who’d had a cancellation locally … a great way to get started and get your first review. Hope you have a fab sit in Spain… what region are you headed to? And the big question… who looks after your homestead while you’re away as a couple! I could see sitters queuing up for this!

All the best, and enjoy exploring the forum!
Vanessa and the team

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Hi @Jerome and as @Vanessa-ForumCMgr says a very warm welcome to our community … I had the joy of looking after three Kune Kune pigs called … George, Paprika & Daisy they were such characters, all different and George had dinner in the kitchen at 6.00 pm on the dot every evening, he let himself in or should I say there was no way of keeping him out the only thing I was thankful for is he wasn’t allowed upstairs on the bed :wink: :pig: :pig: :pig:


Ha ha! For sure… Pigs are so dang funny… their personalities are just a treat. I’m glad you got to experience Kune Kunes specifically as they are super friendly, well-tempered, and low key. We love our three here on our tiny piece of heaven (Konan, Bluebell, & Daisy + 6 new babies this year). Hope you get to enjoy this breed again as they are always a great experience. :slight_smile: And thank you for the warm welcome as well. <3

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Thank you soo sooo much Vanessa. I’m super excited in becoming an active member of this community. As for Spain- it will be down in La Costa Blanca region near Murcia (was hoping for Barcelona, but the owner is moving from Barcelona to further South). As for our homestead, my partner usually stays home as she is more of a homebody, but in the event we do travel together, we have some neighbors that we are good friends with that help us out (we are big into having community connections in general so have friends in the area with similar or like interests). Although, this definitely could be a consideration for us in the future when it might be a better alternative.

And yeah, that pic is of our piggy named Daisy from last Halloween. This year she just had her first litter of babies (about a month and a half ago, so they are pretty chubby little beans now). :stuck_out_tongue: