Send me your sunshine

The last full day of sunshine that we had in San Diego was February 15th :anguished:

For those of you that have loved in gloomy places what do you do to avoid the “gloomies?”

Please share photos of your sunny summer locals I am in dire need of seeing the sunshine.

I’m on a sit near Sebastian, Florida now where it’s been like this most days. I was sitting in San Diego and L.A. from February to May and agree that the weather was not what I was hoping for!


Ah @Kelly_U timing is everything! Two days ago I finished a wonderful sit in the Phoenix area, and the skies were bright and sunny for the whole two weeks I was there. I could have sent you some wonderful sunny pictures. Now I’m in San Diego, and, well, June gloom is a real thing! :fog: :fog: :fog: :rofl:

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Ah, @Kelly_U I’m sorry—and surprised—to hear that. In San Diego?! I was recalling the opening to “La La Land…”

Today, in East Texas, we had hail! I understand it’s colder at higher elevations (e.g., in the clouds), but sheesh! So it was 90°F and hailing, hard.

That said, SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is real.

My first thought is they should come up with a more uplifting acronym. LOL. Scientists…

You can look up various treatments, like light treatment. One thing going for you is not only do I think this won’t last, but at least the sun is up for longer than in the winter. Even if you can’t see it. :sweat_smile:

Friend’s wedding last August, in Seattle:

Hang in there!


Sending some Scottish sunshine @Kelly_U but I can’t believe that San Diego doesn’t have the sun :sun_with_face:

I can’t remember being there and not having day after day of sunny clear skies … is there any weather phenomenon causing these unusual daily “blues”?


I’m sitting near Oxford, Waterperry gardens yesterday


Monday, North shore Sydney, Australia


@Angela_L @Kelly_U
Unfortunately May Gray and June Gloom are the reason, they are terms for a weather pattern that results in cloudy, overcast skies with cool temperatures during the late spring and early summer.

Hopefully the sun will appear again soon fingers crossed :sunny::crossed_fingers:t2:

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Tell me about it! But this looks like perfection :clap: :clap:

Wow I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someplace hailing when it’s 90 degrees out! That’s wild!

Thanks though @geoff.hom, according to the latest weather report we should be seeing the end to the dreary weather by this Friday and I just can’t wait!! If it were any longer I would be heading east to get some sunshine. Looks like a beautiful wedding too :heart:


WOW! That is beautiful! I have to say during my travels Singaporean and English gardens are my favorite…I haven’t been everywhere yet but of the places I’ve seen they have the best gardens. Thank you for sharing!


@Kelly_U: It hailed on Wednesday, too! With a tornado touching down in the town next door. Thankfully, I don’t think it was a severe tornado.

The weather was a high of 85°F, low 70°F. Humidity 85%+. My landlord said it was the biggest hail he’s seen in 27 years living here. Look at this one:

Just saying, I know you could use some sun, but still … let’s count our blessings! Every cloud has a silver lining. Like this one!



Wow … Yes WOW @geoff.hom that’s incredible was there much damage reported do you know?

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Wow the size of that hail is shocking! I remember a few times as a kid we would have some freak hail storms similar to yours but not with such high temps. There was an independent car salesman in Albuquerque where every single one of the cars was hit and damaged with golf ball size hail. I think he had to close his business because he could never recover from the damage.

Anyhow, I agree with your sentiment! Sunny days ahead :smiley:

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Sister-time in Cyprus :heart:


Great photos @botvot :slightly_smiling_face:

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The sun broke through the clouds today in San Diego!! (Please excuse the hair!:rofl:)

@Kelly_U I hope you got outside to enjoy it!


Here’s some winter sun for you from home at Scarborough Beach, Queensland, Australia. It’s a bit cool at only 19 degrees! :wink: Not currently on a sit, just my daily stroll along the beach opposite our home :sunglasses: I loved our 4.5 month UK winter trip but missed this so much


@Kelly_U you need to come to Queensland in November, aka storm month! Just before summer starts we regularly get 32-35 degrees (90-95), high humidity days with a cracking ferocious storm most afternoons, often with destructive hail.


@Crookie my husband would love that! :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

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