Sharing profile

Why is it so difficult to share my profile? It only needs a simple piece of coding to create a link that can be copied and pasted into email, WhatsApp, or something else? It seems ridiculous and even lazy not to make this simple and available.

I don’t see a preview option under my name, just Dashboard, Your Profile, Inbox etc, but no Preview or Share.

What is the reason for this missing functionality? Is it cost, complexity, not viewed as either necessary or desirable or something else?

I understand that if I share the link irt can be viewed by whoever I share it with, but that’s my risk and decision.

I’m very frustrated at this oversight, especially as it is not a new topic.

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Hi @TheEnglishFlaneur , To do this, I have done a Find a pet sitter search for my location, found my profile, then copied and pasted the URL into an email. It’s always worked fine. You can reach your profile in other ways too. For example, you can click on a previous sit, find your review of that sit, click on your picture and you are also brought to your profile page. Again, copy and paste the web address. Is this what you meant?

I had a live chat session, the procedure that was given to me by the agent didn’t work. After I gave the agent my email address and THS ID she produced the unique link for me. It really needs to be much easier and while the procedure you described might work it’s not obvious or straightforward.

Thanks, I was helped by an online chat agent who created my unique URL.

The question remains, why isn’t there a simple and easy button to create shareable link? It’s not something that’s either difficult or costly to do.

There IS an option to share your profile on the THS app. I just checked where it is. Open the app, go to ‘me’ and select ‘view & edit profile’ and there- top right- is a share symbol. I don’t know if this is available on the desk top version but its very easy to use on the phone app!

Thanks, that’s great. I don’t understand either why this isn’t in the FAQs, or the chat agent didn’t seem to know about it. I was trying to find a share button or procedure for the web account but this works just as well.

Yes, it’s irrationally convoluted. Not only to find it but also to share it.

Once you get the link, though, you can use and make it shorter. If you have your own domain, you can create a page on your website, with a simple/logical URL, and then point it to your own THS page, so it changes from