Shwmae from Aberystwyth, Wales!

Shwmae to you too, @tamsin from a Barry girl who migrated to Canada many years ago. I still have family in the Merthyr and Barry areas and, except for the pandemic, visit regularly.

I’m trusting that you’ve already joined TrustedHousesitters. Your widest audience will always be the website, and the forum gives you some added exposure, but more importantly a network of forum members who can help you with specific questions.

You’ll see a spyglass for searching, and you can search keywords there and see posts on various topics. I’ll also add a link to Angela’s top 10 tips, as a quality listing is really important.

If you have an active listing you can embed it into your forum username. I’ll add the instructions here:

Adding your listing to your forum username/profile

Forum members are also helpful in providing constructive feedback, once they’ve had a chance to view it.

Finally … who wouldn’t want to visit Wales? Everyone should, but maybe I’m biased.

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