Sit invite not responding

Hello. Bit of a query. I was sent an invite, thanked them, said i would love to and would check my work diary once current sit was completed. They replied really enthusiastically even though they had 3 applications. Before booking the time off work I messaged again couple days ago to check they still wanted me for the sit. No reply. Messaged yesterday saying I didn’t mind if they had changed their mind but could they let me know. Silence. Ive rearranged my work schedule so i could book time off. Total silence. Im confused and have since had other invites. What do you think?

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Did you get an email or phone for them? Some people just don’t have notifications set up properly. If not, I’d say give it another day or two and move on, or if you really like their sit you can wait longer. Hard to know what’s going on on their side.

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No details exchanged but they have read my messages.

Oh, in that case I’d move on. You want HO’s who respect and value your time and efforts! I’m an HO, btw, not a sitter, so I’m looking at it from my point of view. Even if I was interviewing several potential sitters I’d never leave one hanging without a response, that’s just not cool.


@MarieHuggins - was this a private invitation? In which case there are four stages to commit to a sit … just wondering which stage you are at ?

First private invitation sent to you by PP
next stage is sitter applies
PP then confirms
and finally sitter must agree to sit

Which stage are you at ?

You could send another message saying that you can see that they have read your previous messages . You are ready to commit to this sit if they still want you but that you also have other invitations for the same date … and give them a deadline by which you need to know their decision.

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We were having a conversation following his invite. I said i would confirm with work before applying. Then nothing.

Thank you. Its odd because they contacted me!?

So have you applied ? HO can’t confirm until you apply .

They could contact you of course but perhaps they don’t understand how the invitation system works and the four stages required to confirm a sit .

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Perhaps you took too long? How long did you take to get back to the HO?

sounds like it’s time to get involved. they have phone numbers, they can reach out.

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Same daythe same day

Yeah, it’s likely they sent out a bunch of invites at one time and maybe they’re deciding or interviewing or whatever. Or they just really don’t understand how the system works. But If they’ve seen your message requesting a response and they’ve not responded I’d move on.


@MarieHuggins. We are dealing with the public who can be a mysterious bunch. Move on…


:blush: quite so

I’m a HO. I go by the saying “You snooze, you lose”

Definitely move on and find a sit that works for you. True that they are probably comparing sitters and choices.

Funny story, but can teach a lesson…
I just confirmed 2 separate sits with 1 sitter. Her profile looked like a dream. She was perfect to watch my dog. She was a retired nurse with 6 glowing TH reviews who I knew would treat my Pixie like her own.

I invited her to do my sits. She messaged me back the next day. Told me how she “interviewed” for another sit, but they wanted to do a follow-up video chat, references, call her the previous owners for her sits, etc.

I guess you can say the H.O.s were being thorough (Personally, I do think this was definitely too much to ask), but this was definitely taking up precious time. This all happened in the span of 2 weeks in which my sitter was waiting for a response from the H.O.s

The same day, I did my video chat and confirmed her at the very end of it. She went back to the other H.O and told them that she wasn’t available anymore. She told me that the H.O said they decided that they DID want to confirm her…

Their loss is certainly my gain lol.

I’m finding that quality sitters are getting harder to find on TH. You certainly can’t let gems slip through your fingers lol.