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Hi, Couple of questions on passwords for the forum - is it a different site to the main site with different user names and passwords? I use the LassPass password manager which is confused as the same domain name is used by both sites. I used LP to create a new password which I cut and paste, but did not look at, for the forum. No sign of an accounts section of the site where I can change the password - at the moment I could paste it in to change, but I will loose this power very soon - so no idea how I will sign in next time! Anyway - just a few initial thoughts.

I agree, it has confused my tablet too, and I couldn’t use the same password as the forum wanted 10 characters which seems completely over the top

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Hi @RCsits Welcome to the forum and we sorry about any confusion @Paul-Admin can help on this and we can connect via email.

We look forward to your return once you are able to log back in.


Welcome Rcsits :wave:

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Hi @RCsits

I’ve sent you a direct message to try and assist you.


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Hi - yes found it - I hadn’t noticed the tabs in the Notifications menu. Still not sure if LassPass is going to be happy though - will give it a try.

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I’m not sure if LastPass is the same - I use 1Password to manage passwords, and it has the option to give each login a name. I just have one entry which I’ve named Trusted Housesitters Forum and one just TrustedHousesitters. They both come up on both sites as they are on the same domain, but I can just select the correct one.

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