Where do I find my password for the forum

I notice there was a reply to this topic but was not able to figure it out! Is there a settings or the like for the forum profiles? I have a different password to the one I use for the main site and have no idea what my password for the forum is. I tried to log in from a different computer and couldn’t remember what the password was.

Hi Liz,

I think if you’ve forgotten your forum password you’ll need to reset it. Here’s the process:

  • Go to top right and click your identifying symbol… for you the L in the green circle.
  • Then click the “head & shoulders” icon (furthest right)
  • Then “Summary”
  • Then “Preferences”
  • Then “Security”

Next you will see a heading PASSWORD where you can click on the option to “Send Password Reset Email”.

Any problems let me know.

thanks Vanessa :slight_smile:


No problem… hope it works OK :slight_smile:

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