Sitter applied but no longer responding

We received a great application for our dates, with an offer to hop on a video call. That was 3 days ago. I replied right away, offering to chat the same day. Since then, no answers. I’ve left them 2 follow-up emails. Someone else applied but leaving me 3 days with no one to fill in between dates.

They seemed so enthusiastic. Does that mean they’re considering other sits? My inbox only shows that my first reply was read, not the other…What should I do to have a definite answer no matter what…

@Katu do you have any other way to contact them other than the THS platform - did they give you their mobile number ? Are they local or would they be travelling to you from a distance ?

They may be busy with work, another sit , life and haven’t logged onto the THS site for a couple of days .You still have almost four weeks to go before the sit - so not urgent .

As sitters we often have had to wait several days for HOs to get back to us simply because their work/ family life is hectic .

Unless you have other viable sitters who have applied for the full stay - I would personally wait until the weekend and see if they get back to you then .

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They’re from New York, I’m from Montréal. I had the impression, we were all, both HO and sitters, very responsive to communications. I hope I haven’t submerged them too much. I see their social media presence, but don’t feel like I should contact them outside of TH.

On Friday, we’re talking to another couple, so I guess I’ll just have to decline the other one for lack of response.
Many thanks for your input.

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@Katu Yes, a lot of experienced sitters apply for multiple sits at the same because we are never sure if the HO will respond to us or we will get selected. You can visit your potential sitter’s profile and check if they are still showing as available for your dates. If they the dates are crossed off they were confirmed for another sit.

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Yes, members should reply within 72 hours, it says somewhere in the rules, but one never knows if maybe the THS app on their phone has yet another glitch, and then their might be all kinds of other problems.

I find the reluctance to make a voice call etc difficult to understand, why that would feel more problematic that posting on a public forum.

I would always want a second channel (usually I choose Whatsapp - that way one can send them photos of the pet).

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No they still appear as available.

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My only other answer is that they’re traveling with no access to technology. In any case, I said it was the last time I was contacting them. I don’t want to be too insistent. Too bad.