Sitter applied but now MIA

I have no trouble at all giving the home owner my full name, address, and other contact info. I’m not certain I would give them a photo of personal ID such as passport or driver’s licence though, since I’ve already done that for THS in a protected format.

What kind of proof are you asking for?

I’ve been a sitter for 5years+ and have only 5 star reviews - I must say that not once has a HO asked me for evidence of my full name and address? (and can’t see why anyone would now seeing as everyone has to be “verified” on the site, surely that’s the point of verification?) I would find this totally weird tbh, especially being asked during a meeting and not being told - “would you be able to bring some ID with you?” ahead of the meet up.

As I’ve said on here before - verification would mean nothing to me. I 100% would go by a sitters reviews than be worried if someone is verified or not.

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Agreed I’ll happy show a HO my ID - but wouldn’t let them take a photo/photocopy for instance.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. But since I live overseas to most sits, I have no way of showing them my ID unless I took a photo and emailed it. And I wouldn’t be comfortable doing that. Maybe I could show them the ID on a video chat?

Do you not carry your ID with you overseas?

Oh for sure, but by then they’d already have had to have accepted me as a sitter. I’m assuming they want to see if before they accept me?

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Oh right of course! LOL

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Hi @topscottie Thanks for your response. My understanding from your comment is you had not asked sitters to bring ID with them to show you but asked for it on the spot. As @claresitsdogs mentions it may have been better had you asked them to bring some ID with them. Like her, I, too, have many 5* reviews and have never been asked for evidence of my full name and address as that is what I have provided to THS as verification.


I really am astonished by the attitude of this chorus of sitters! What would induce a house owner to hand over their property to someone that they don’t know, with no idea of their full name or residential address? There is not much point in doing what @temba suggests, and expect a sitter to bring ID when they arrive for the sit. What to do if they “forget” to bring it? Equally, THS verification os little comfort; It’s all very well a sub-contractor of THS checking out an address and phone number, but how does that reassure an owner confronted with a stranger and it needs to be married-up with a face!
What’s the problem for a sitter to to provide photo ID; what have they to hide?
Finally, I would add that we have never before had a problem with asking for sight of a driver’s licence before the final commitment.

We have done over ten sits now and not once have we been asked for any ID etc

Judging by the sitters here and my own experience it seems even though you are “astonished” you are very much in the minority on this.


@topscottie in 4 years of full-time house sitting, and completing 81 sits all over the world with 5 star reviews, we have never been asked to show our ID. We are full-time nomads and have an address of record, but it’s simply for mail and credit card statements. We have been asked some personal details by Hos, so they can add us to their car insurance for a supplied vehicle, but nothing else. Maybe I’m missing something here, but I’m not sure what you would gain by viewing my ID?


Are you new to THS @topscottie ? If so, I can understand your uneasiness to open your home to people you do not know, but know that sitters are vetted by THS. Take a look at their verifications. Their references, reviews and pictures will tell you more and if you like what you see, you can follow these up with a phone or video call. Then trust your intuition.

I have never been asked to show ID, although like @Knowmad I have been asked for my date of birth and driving record to be insured to drive the HO’s car. My reaction to this request would depend on the way it was asked. If the HO seemed suspicious of me, I would be offended and withdraw my application. If the HO politely explained that this was a new experience for them, that they’re a little uneasy and that they would feel better if they could see my ID, I might show it to them over a video call. I would not be willing to send these documents via text or email. I would have no qualms about showing it to them in person.

Fyi, I am thanked regularly by a friend of mine for bringing her to THS. It opened a world of travel opportunities for them and they have made many friends of their sitters, who have adored and pampered their pets. They had sitters who invited them to visit in Spain, who installed security cameras for them, cleaned their enclosed patio and made repairs, who planted bulbs for them, who surprised them with a birthday dinner party upon their arrival home and decorated their lawn for the occasion. They have given gifts to their sitters and received gifts from them. They trusted all of these sitters, most they now consider friends, without asking for additional ID.


Would you be comfortable with ID being shown on camera during a video chat? I’m just not comfortable sending photos of it via email.

As a HO you have the right to ask for certain things in your sitter e.g female sitter only; no families etc and this is conveyed in your listing. Therefore to avoid a repeat of your situation you need to include in your listing you will require sitters to provide physical evidence of proof of ID pre-confirmation. That way sitters are fully aware of your requirements because you have been upfront and they can choose whether to apply or not.


I have never been asked for ID. I would of expected the verification for a sitter to join up as a member was enough for a homeowner.
I have had a look at other house sitter sites, obviously cheaper but I didn’t feel comfortable with them especially when Accident & third party liability protection wasn’t mentioned.