Sitter is needed, verification

Hello dear members,
I applied for a sit in December on 04/27/2023.
My application was read by the pet owner.
After this sit received 5 applications,
now stands the following message: Sitter is needed
(with date I had applied).
I did not get any response from the pet owner.

On May 8, I wrote a note to the pet owner:
Hi , we noticed that you are expecting more applications from sitters for this period. We are actively applying for other sits with dates similar to yours, so our availability for your sit may change soon. Please let us know if reserving our application is possible for you so that we do not apply for another sit for this period.
Kind regards and thank you in advance for your reply, many caresses from afar to
The pet owner has read my message.

What should I do?
At least an information could have written me the animal owner,
but no answer at all, also to my letter from 08.05.
no reaction came.
If I were an animal owner, I would have thanked the animal sitter in any case, no matter whether rejection or promise, so that he could be patient a little longer.

Best regards and thanks for your answer

As a sitter myself, I can only presume that the homeowner is still looking and isn’t interested in your application. It certainly would have been nice and the courteous thing to do, if the homeowner sent you a personal reply to let you know the reason so that you can move forward applying on other sits. I wouldn’t wait any longer though if you are interested in applying on other sits.


It’s important everyone is on the same page when it comes to communication, so if it were me I would withdraw my application. They may be waiting for a specific type of applicant.

Side note: if I may gently suggest you check your translation (software?). Perhaps it’s different in other languages but in English the phrase “many caresses” is a bit odd coming from a stranger. I think a simple “many thanks for responding at your earliest convenience” would be better.

Good luck finding a great sit :slight_smile:


OP, your profile is not actually linked.

@Katie Great spot thank you. @heika1998 I have updated the incorrect link and your THS sitters profile is now correct :slight_smile:

Dear Carla,
thank you very much for updating my link.

Best regards and have a nice weekend

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thank you for your reply

thank you very much for your reply.
I will not wait any longer then.

thank you for bringing it to my attention because of the link, Carla has updated it now which is a big help for me.

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because of the translation I will gladly reconsider, thank you.

You’re very welcome and best of luck!


@heika1998 my only advice would be to never stop applying to sits: once a sit is confirmed and you were officially hired in the system, then you can stop applying for these specific dates. You will lose precious sit potentials by waiting for a HO to read-respond-maybe hire you: if you have written to them, they read your message and didn’t reply back, I would 100% move on and withdraw my application, as to me, it shows there might be communication issues and I would not want these issues to arise while I am on a sit and urgently need their communication back. Best of luck to you!


Hello Nadia,

thank you very much for your reply.

I have already received some confirmations by the end of this year, which makes me happy.
And have thought that I for this sit, which is not to be done until December,
wait some more time, but you are absolutely right.

Sometimes I am indecisive.
I will definitely, if another sit for December appeals to me, apply for that one.

Thank you very much again, love from Bärbel

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Hi Heika

Based on what you wrote, it sounds like the owner unpaused the listing to get more applications.

In order to do this, it means the HO had to decline at least some of the original applicants as they can only receive 5 at a time. If you did not receive a notification your application was declined, it means they still may be considering you. I know many HOs might feel more comfortable in their selection process if they have a larger pool of sitters from which to choose, unless there is a really standout applicant in the first 5 perhaps that they feel 100 percent connected with. So in that first batch, there might be people who they think may be a good fit and don’t want to outright reject, but they may still want to see more people.

Sitters vary in how they handle the application process. I personally don’t follow up with owners if I haven’t heard back. If an application has gone unread for several days or they read it quickly but I still haven’t heard back for several days, I usually just withdraw it.

The reasons why HO’s may not be super timely in their communication varies greatly and doesn’t always imply something negative about them. I just personally operate from a space of not getting too attached to any particular assignment, and if something doesn’t come together quickly and easily, I take that to mean it’s not the opportunity meant for me.

But if you don’t mind waiting, if it is a sit worth holding out for, if you aren’t in a rush to secure a sit that far ahead, and you feel okay seeing what happens, then you can keep the application active. But I would recommend that you also apply for other sits that come up unless this is a sit you would really want to do for some reason.

It is important not to take things like this personally, and just remain open and detached. I really don’t think in the overwhelming majority of cases, a HO is deliberately trying to be rude or showing lack of respect for the sitter’s need to plan,etc…


Hello KC1102,
thank you very much for your detailed reply.

Best regards and a healthy weekend to you

Hire you? Sits on THS are unpaid. There is no “hiring”. There is an application to sit in exchange for accommodation. The homeowner and applicant agree to the terms of the THS platform. No money is to be exchanged between homeowner and pet/house sitter. If a sitter wants to be “hired/paid” they’re on the wrong platform.

Thank you very much

Von meinem/meiner Galaxy gesendet

I was referring to the last step of the process when the homeowner agrees to select you to sit for them aka “sit agreed”.
Of course it’s not paid, and maybe I should have used a better term than hired, yet I am l slightly confused as to why you are explaining that THS is an unpaid service in this specific thread that is about waiting for a homeowner to acknowledge the application before applying to other sits? Of course it is unpaid…it’s THS!
I simply wanted to stress the importance of being selected at the end completely and then “chosen as the selected candidate to sit for free in exchange of free accommodation”, before refraining from applying to other sits, as opposed to being selected for a video call among other sitters for example, or having an application read and responded to.
Hope this helps.

Hello NadiaTHS
Thank you very much for your reply.
I am a bit confused now,
because I didn’t mention anything about a paid or unpaid job at all, because I chose THS because I enjoy it and am happy when other people and their animals are happy,
that I do not have a paid job as a THS and that I also sit for free.

I am only concerned about the topic of application,
to which you have answered me with thanks.

Best regards and have a good week



I’m a bit confused now
because I don’t want to be hired and I’m not looking for a job.

I chose THS because I enjoy it and I’m happy when other people and their animals are doing well.
When it comes to money, I would have chosen a different platform.
But just this free sitting is something special for homeowners and pet sitters. I travel to places I never dared to dream of, to be able to visit and caress the warmest being by my side while sitting, but also to take responsibility. Is there anything nicer? The homeowner is happy and happy that his pet stays in the familiar environment, is lovingly cared for and his house or apartment is cared for by responsible people.

I’m just talking about the application topic,
to which you replied and I thank you.

Kind regards and have a nice week.