Sitter response?/review

I’m sure someone will be able to it me in the right direction, but I can’t seem to find the answer on the forum.
I left a review for my sitter (he was great) and he has very kindly responded. Can everyone see it or just me. I would like potential sitters to see it as I don’t want future sitters put off because I haven’t got any.
I read something about responses and reviews being different, is this right?

Other sitters will be able to see your review. I always read sitters’ reviews, they appear on your page at the bottom

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I can see both your review of Gavin and his glowing review of you.


Congratulations :tada::champagne::balloon::confetti_ball:
It sounds like Gavin was the perfect sitter for you! I can see both the review and the feedback.

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Thanks everybody for your input, all sorted now. Just a confusion between response and reviews :blush:

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