Sitter wants to bring boyfriend

Just be aware that there is a convoluted system to get tickets, and many don’t succeed.

@DianeS That’s unfortunate. Have you ever been?

Just popping in to ask if we can kindly keep on topic. Please do feel free to DM any member on other conversations. Thank you so much.

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@Therese oops :sweat_smile:

Any updates @legendvictoria?
I just read another post titled ‘Sitter requested money day before arrival!’ in which the sitter claimed to need money because they still hadn’t booked their flights and the sit was to start the next day. It caused me to wonder if your situation had been resolved yet. Forum readers like to learn the outcomes. Cheers.


Yes, @legendvictoria, please update us! Hopefully you just trusted the sitter, her boyfriend and enjoyed/enjoying your trip!!!

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@MaggieUU I never heard anything at all back from the sitter. I canceled the confirmation and relisted the sit.

I have not had any applications therefore I just listed here on the forum since the sit is now 7 days away.

No friends are available to sit. I’ll be reaching out to sitters on Rover.

Not sure how to reach out to THS customer service other than via chat which didn’t meet my needs when I tried previously. I’m currently traveling for work and have had limited time to work on the details.

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Fingers crossed for you. I have overlapping sits so I am unable to see if you have applicants yet

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@legendvictoria, You were right to go with your gut!!! Best of luck to you!

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You can go to the chat and ask to speak to a human. Try and do it today as weekend coverage could be sketchy.

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@legendvictoria We just had to use Rover because our sitters canceled a few weeks before the sit was to begin. It’s the height of the summer and most sitters are booked. Many unsuitable applications came in (after we reposted) but we were unable to fill the sit with someone we felt comfortable with.

I am mentioning this because you probably dodged a bullet with this sitter. Her asking to bring an unvetted boyfriend fundamentally changed the terms of your agreement. Your were within your rights to have canceled the sit.


@Twitcher Thank you so much! This suggestion is very helpful. I will reach out now!

@MaggieUU Thanks for even considering :heart_hands:

@KenandMary1998 So sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation.

I definitely agree in feeling like I dodged a bullet.

Best of luck moving forward!

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