Some sites not available to members but are available to new members


My friends who are new members see current sitrs to apply for, but I, who have been a member for a long time, don’t see the sits or with info. Applications under review. My question again. Why isn’t there a delete function so I can delete useless messages. I don’t want to keep messages in the archive. Since I work in the IT industry myself.


Hi @Morpheus0077,
Do you not see the same sit, sit applications are under review or no sitter needed at this time?

I think you be mistaken , are you looking at the listings at exactly the same time as your friends. A listing that is available when they look can be gone just a few minutes later so would not be available for you to see if you are looking after them

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Your friends are seeing all sits not yet taken (including those under review.) You are not seeing those that have already hit the application limit and are in process. For example, my favorites (of which I have over 4000) usually show around 300 available sits at any one time. But only 25% of those are actually available to apply. The rest are already in process.

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@Timshazz , wouldn’t that only be the case if the friends were not yet members?

@Colin Correct. Sorry. I assumed she meant they had a free account. Ie. Not paid members.

@Timshazz - to be honest my guess is that you are correct and the OP is mistaken - as you say if the friends were not actually paid -up members then your explanation solves the mystery

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@Colin This ‘phenomena’ is discussed thoroughly on many other forums. I expect my comments will disappear very soon.

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I am completely lost! Can someone explain this entire thread please?

@PVGemini The difference is between the listings in process (dates listed but a sitter not confirmed) and those actually available for applications(not yet reviewing). The former show up to those exploring the site. The latter to paid members.

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@PVGemini - hopefully the following link will answer your question.

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Sorry I pressed too soon @PVGemini


@Timshazz Thank you. This is very helpful!

@Twitcher @PVGemini As of right now I have 4260 favourites (don’t judge! :rofl::rofl::rofl:) 296 are 'Currently seeking a sitter. ’ But in reality, i can only apply to around 50(ish) as the rest are already reviewing. I took notes for a month and this is pretty much the average.

I think THS could do with your help!

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Yes, I say the applications are being reviewed but my friends who are new members can still apply to these sites

That’s strange, isn’t it?

@Morpheus0077 , can you confirm- are your friends full members that have paid their annual membership fee or are they considering whether to join or not…or have they joined on a free trial offer?

I am a full member with paid membership

@Morpheus0077 - Not you , I was asking about your friends