Species/Breed required for pet entry but no OTHER category

When entering a Pet you MUST add in the breed/species etc. from a drop down list, However the options available seem to be missing alot - and there is no option to add OTHER.

For example there is no Hermann’s Tortoise or American Bulldog, and I cannot add them unless I pick a species/breed which they are not - and makes it look like I dont know my breeds. Having the option to at least put in a custom OTHER species breed would be a good option if you cannot include a exhaustive list.



Adding an Other category, where the HO can manually input their breed is a great idea.

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Whilst adding the “other” option is an easy answer for THS, one has to wonder why they insist on pre-populated lists at all (it’s the same with the new pet-centric “tags”, which aren’t tags really but I digress).
No pre-populated list in the history of all pre-populated lists ever, about anything, has ever been definitive. One has to wonder what’s wrong with people just entering data as text? These are pet owners…they know what breed their pet is :woman_shrugging:t3:

The only advantage I can see to a pre-populated list is that it would make it easier for THS to report on and analyse breed data. There would not be multiple options for the same breed / breed mix (cockapoo / cockerpoo, Labrador / Black Labrador etc) or typos.

Of course, any reporting or analysis would only be useful and accurate if there was a comprehensive list of breeds available - which there isn’t! Otherwise people will just pick something close or leave it blank and their reports / analysis will be meaningless.

It would be a much better idea to allow the option of entering data as text if a breed is not currently included in the list. This would also allow owners to input unusual cross breeds - valuable information for sitters!