Spring Clean of Account

Can anybody tell me how I can empty the section ‘request review’ and also how I can empty my in-box of inactive HOs who had listed a sit which i applied for and then their account is off-line. Its just a spring clean so no urgency. Thanks


If the account is offline/no longer active you cannot remove it. This is another glitch in the system. Has been mentioned a few times…

How to delete messages

How to clean inbox


@Petermac thanks Peter

@Petermac what about emptying the ‘request review’ section?

I don’t think that is possible. The only reason that would be there is if you don’t want to do a review, or if the sit didn’t happen, and the HO then needs to contact THS to remove the sit.

@Petermac its the section where a sitter has completed the sit and asks the HO for a review. There is a THS template that you can just send or you can modify that and send it.

Yes, I have 2 in that section. Both sits cancelled due to covid, one last May, one last June. I didn’t ask the HO to cancel at the time and now both are no longer members, so, again, I think, stuck in the THS system.

@Petermac OK thanks Peter

Add to that, as a sitter, the ‘leave feedback’ area. I have a list there of sits I did before the option to leave feedback about the homeowner was put in place. It ranges 2014 to 2017. Those homeowners no longer have accounts. For me though, who likes everything neat and organized, it makes me feel as though I didn’t follow through, which is not the case. Another glitch to add to the to-do list, when staffing allows maybe. @carpediem @Angela-CommunityManager


@Snowbird yes good point and like you i try to keep my Inbox etc clean…helps me to keep tabs on things! Have a nice day

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Thanks for the feedback and identifying another addition to the to-do list @Snowbird

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@carpediem @Petermac Inactive members who show in your inbox can be archived now, but only through the app. If you having a problem, we can archive these for you. Please let me know.


@Therese-MembershipService thanks Therese but I can’t get the app on my phone (its an old model that runs on petrol!) yes if you can delete any inactive members in my Inbox (i think there is only one actually Pelan?) that would be good;at the same time are you able to clean out the ‘leave feedback’ section as alot of these did not go ahead due to covid? Many thanks and have a nice day.

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@carpediem @Petermac
The Feedback/Review system is connected to your secured/confirmed sits, so there is no way to remove this. However, If the sits were cancelled but not removed, (so it looks as if the sit went ahead) MS can help and remove these for you. We would just need confirmation from the homeowners that it was cancelled.

@Therese-MembershipService thanks for getting back to me…its not that important if I have to contact each HO to get that done…I can live with it and thank you anyway.

@carpediem and other sitters - I have just done that in the app, it’s easy. Just press and hold on the member you want to archive and you get the option to Archive.
@Therese-MembershipService Thanks for that, keeps things tidy.

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