Suggestion: remove the "NEW" label after I've seen a property

Currently there’s no way to ignore/hide a sit. There’s favoriting, but not the opposite.

When checking the results of a search, the “NEW” properties are listed as “NEW” long after I visit their listing and decide they’re not a good match.

I wish there was a way to hide sits, or at least not show “NEW” once I’ve visited a listing.


Hi @Slowmad
How the system is set up, is that the New button on each listing will show for 24 hours and then will naturally drop down the list. There unfortunately is not a way to individualize this process eg, to remove the New button once a member has clicked on it.
I will send on your comments to the product team as they always appreciate all members feedback. Thank you.
Best Wishes

Thanks. There might be another issue here, because I’ve seen the “NEW” button for way longer than 24 hours per property. Maybe the host updated some small detail about the listing, not the publishing date of the listing itself?

If a homeowner has not received the right response say within a 24 hour period, they can boost their listing, which then puts them back at the top of the list and shows the New little button again. This is probably why you see it there longer than the stipulated 24 hour period.

Good point. There are several listings I have read that I would never consider and it would be great to eliminate them from searches

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One thing I’ve noticed is that each time a HO adds dates then it boosts the sit as new, as technically it is.

if a HO already knows several dates they need then they can be added over a week or so and the listing shows as new and goes to the top each time. I get repeat notifications for the same homes showing as new when new dates have been added or the current dates tweaked by a day or 2.

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