The Floating Cat Sanctuary In Amsterdam

De Poezenboot or The Catboat in Amsterdam is the one and only animal sanctuary that literally floats! It is a refuge for stray and abandoned cats which, thanks to its unique location on a houseboat in Amsterdam’s picturesque canal belt, has also become a place where people want to go and visit.

Water and cats… the two don’t normally mix as most cats hate water but the cats here learnt to love living on it! The Catboat has been keeping cats feet dry since 1968 and since then it has developed in to a modern and professional sanctuary providing loving care to numerous cats. :cat:

Entrance to visit the Catboat is free, but you are more than welcome to make a donation when you visit and I’m sure this will make the cats very happy! They do not receive any subsidy and without donations and support they wouldn’t stay afloat! Also now because a visit here is so popular you would need to book a day and time online on their website or give them a call in advance. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit here and made many new feline friends. I highly recommend a visit here should you happen to be visiting Amsterdam. :blush:


This is great! Thanks @Samox24 for sharing it. I’m sure many cat lovers who visit Amsterdam aren’t aware of it but would love to visit if they knew about it. How many cats call the floating sanctuary home?

@Karen_E The Catboat accommodates up to 50 cats at once, 14 of which are permanent residents, we saw at least 12 when we visited! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for sharing!! Next time in Amsterdam, I am going to find it!

@Peg You are very welcome & that’s fantastic to hear. When we arrived there was a long queue with quite a wait so it definitely is better to book in advance if you can. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow @Samox24 what a great concept and great cause for those lovely little furballs. I’m sure so many were out in the cold and wet before being led to warm shelter.

Thanks for sharing!

We have a cat cafe in Edinburgh
“maison de moggy”
There is a charge to enter which is over and above any refreshments you might want. Could be an expensive way to spend an hour. The cats are lovely though.

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@fyfie There are a couple in London that I know of too but the first place I ever saw a cat cafe was in Japan, cat cafes are very popular there and are found in most major cities but they are often not located at street level, but on higher floors in multi-storey buildings and are therefore not always easy to find! :cat::slightly_smiling_face:

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We have several cat cafes here in Charlotte, NC, USA.

[Home (] Mac Tabby Cat Cafe | Half Cats. Half Coffee. One amazing experience!(

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