The Latest On - Hurricane Ian

Our thoughts are with our community, the emergency services, and everyone, including all creatures great and small, who has been impacted by Hurricane Ian.

The devastation caused by Hurricane Ian across southwestern Florida, one of the strongest storms ever to hit the United States, continued coming into sharper focus as rescue crews reached the hardest-hit areas and helped thousands of those stranded by the storm to safety.


We have so many friends and family located in Florida and the Carolinas (which is where we live) so it has been heartbreaking to see all the devastation throughout the area. Fortunately, no one in our circle sustained any major damage and as soon as they get power back on, they will be able to start cleanup of their yards and neighborhoods. We held our breath when it reached the Carolina coast as we have a property in Hilton Head which we feared could have been in the path, but once again, we all dodged a bullet. Here in our hometown of Charlotte, NC, we had high winds and lots of rain, a neighbors tree fell across our driveway, but that was about it. The forecast was much worse and could have been dramitically worse, but we had angels watching out for us here…for which we are eternally grateful.

Our continued thoughts and prayers and with all those who were affected, not only human, but furry as well…


@Angela-HeadOfCommunity the aftermath of this storm is truly heartbreaking. Some of these same parts of FL were underwater in 2017, after Irma, and now they are faced with a similar recovery. It is clearly so much worse, with this more intense storm. I spent many years in FL assisting on the restoration efforts after hurricanes, and know exactly what these folks are facing. Keeping all of the residents, as well as the restoration teams in my thoughts and prayers.


@Joanne thank you for your comment, for bringing home the reality and for the work you did.

I cannot imagine what this must be like to be in or to live through As you say keeping everyone who is affected in our thoughts and prayers.


Thank you @Angela-HeadOfCommunity and the well wishers out there.
All of my family and friends are well both in Florida, where I am now, and in SC where I was when Ian made its way on the day of my HOs arrival. Their flight was cxld and they rented a vehicle to arrive just a few hours before Ian cleared away from us.
Nothing happened aside from power outages for a few days. Minor inconveniences as we say and then as well as now we are enjoying being together and life goes on.