The offer of bicycles for sitters

I have been offered bikes and canoes and used them, One time though a bike offered was too large for me. It is great when you can explore cycle tracks and quiet lanes by bike or rivers with a canoe.


We are new with our first trusted sitter in 4 days, and have offered our new bikes, the car and lots of exciting things to do in the area.


Hello @LennieBillie and a very warm welcome to TrustedHousesitters and to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

Congratulations on securing your first sitter and that’s wonderful that you are offering your new bikes and car for them to use :clap:t2::blush:

It sounds like you are already doing a great job but I have also attached a link you may be interested in titled “ How do I prepare my home for my sitter?”

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Welcome package sent and well received, we really want our pet sitter to have a fabulous time


You sound amazing. Thank you for being so thoughtful and considerate of your first sitters. I hope they’re great


I love when places even hotels in small towns offer bikes. One of the hotels we stayed at in a remote island in Mexico (Holbox) had free bikes and they were in good condition too, it was a real treat as we were able to see a lot of the localities of the island, even discovered an animal shelter where travelers can volunteer to walk dogs or care for recovering pets.

I think another fun feature would be scooters. :kick_scooter::motor_scooter:

If we lived in a small town we wouldn’t hesitate to offer our bikes but riding bikes in big cities is not great or very safe. They’ve done a lot of improvements here with bike lanes and making them more safe but it’s not everywhere and the drivers, including buses can be wreck less. Really wish it was more bike friendly.

My partner and I frequently use Facebook Marketplace to find and buy bikes on longer sits where they don’t come with a housesit. We’ve found we can pick them up very cheaply, far cheaper than hiring them. And then we either resell them, donate them to a charity shop or offer them to the house owners. We are in Zurich and I got a buy one, get one free deal. This meant we had bikes with road and off road tyres which was great!


My current housesit - my happy place is cycling at sunset next to the beach. This is Singapore.


Increasingly, bike rentals are available, if your HO doesn’t have one. Like you can google or use apps to find bike shares and such.

Free bikes are increasingly thing at hotels as well. Like I’ve most recently been offered such in San Francisco and Cambridge, U.K. Personally, I’d want an electric bike if I were going to attempt San Francisco’s hills, though!

Totally agree to this. I love to bike and its a great alternative if you dont have the luxury of having a car.

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