The Official & Unofficial Chihuahua

Some “Did You Know?” Chihuahua Facts …

Officially, the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognises two types of Chihuahua: the short haired and long haired Chihuahua. But, unofficially, the terms apple head and deer head reign supreme - at least amongst us Chi lovers. But what exactly sets apart a deer vs apple head Chihuahua?


What a great article! Thanks @Angela-HeadOfCommunity. I’ve known many Chi’s but never knew there were two different kinds. Interesting.

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This is our special little Chi, Rexi Roo. She was born on the streets of Mexico with no front arms. Luckily The Animal Pad dog rescue saved her along with her momma and 2 other siblings. Now she is living her best life in sunny San Diego. She gets around either by hopping like a kangaroo or by using her custom built wheel cart.


@Angela-HeadOfCommunity, thank you for sharing this great tidbit of knowledge on the chi-chi’s. I never knew there were two different breeds and love learning all these new things on the TrustedHousesitters site. Always reading…always learning!

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I once sat a chi-chi & still giggle :sweat_smile:. It was very odd walking such a wee dog as wondered if I was missing something as all sits prior to it were for larger doggies.

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