Three month membership?

When I was speed-reading through the recently sent out revised THS policies I noticed a reference to “three or twelve-month membership period”

Is there a three-month membership option available?

I saw that as well and an option to pay monthly but that has now disappeared.
The basic membership for sitters appears to be showing again having previously been advised that this option is no longer available for new members.

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Hi @Colin @Twitcher the Membership Services Team will be able to clarify these points for you please forward to

As for the monthly payment, this was never a payment plan option but a simple breakdown of the annual fee.

Apologies @Angela_L - I must have misunderstood the terms and conditions.
As yet I haven’t accepted the revised T&Cs so am unsure if this extract is taken from the old or revised version. I am trying to compare the two. It would appear monthly payments are available but only to certain plans. As suggested I will take it up with Membership Services for clarification.

Membership Fee in order to access the Services. All membership fees are as stated on the Platform and you may choose ‘Basic’, ‘Standard’ or ‘Premium’ membership.

7.2. Your membership is annual (unless you have chosen the 3-month Pet Parent plan) and you may choose to pay annually or monthly. You will pay the initial Sitter Membership Fee and/or the Pet Parent Membership Fee in the secure payment section of the Platform. Your membership will be automatically activated on that date (“Activation Date”).

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HI @Twitcher no apologies necessary as that is indeed how it reads please clarify with Membership Services

I will also. Thank you.

Did anyone get an answer from member services about this ?

@Silversitters - I didn’t bother to contact membership services on this occasion. When something affects my own membership I will do so. Their answers usually take a while and are very general. Often I find their response does not answer the specific question.