Which of 3 TrustedHousesitters plan to sign up for?

There’s 3 options: Premium/$259 per year, Standard/$169, & Basic/$129. I’m just looking for about 2 sits per year & I’m a veteran petsitter. Which option would you suggest please? Thanks

The cheapest one. We’ve always been happy with our basic membership plan. We are sitters- 4 years & 57 sits…


When I joined there was only one membership option. Since the pandemic they brought in 2 more. I’ve stuck with the original basic plan with no problems


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I understood there were two housesitter options available for new members - standard and premium and that basic was no longer available. I am a ‘basic’ member but have been a member for several years.

The Basic membership is fine for you and won’t affect your ability to get sits.
The other options are more suitable for full time sitters who need the protection of owners cancelling(the other stuff is not hugely relevant) and were introduced by THS to try and squeeze more money out of their members.


I have been with THS since its inception and am still on the cheapest
I have no intention of ever upgrading


We’re full time sitters and most of them are international so we have just upgraded to premium as the cancellation coverage is worth it alone. The lounge passes are a bonus for long haul airports:)

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We did the same, for the same reasons. International flights and the lounge passes sold us. Hoping to never have to use the cancellation coverage, but you never know.

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Us too @Harris2 . We had a cancellation that hurt the coffers a bit so we changed it :flushed:

I think it depends whether a homeowner/pet-parent or sitter. I’m a new sitter, and basic has been fine for me.

After you sign up, you can upgrade later if you like. Sometime they have sales on upgrades. The Black Friday special was 50% off all upgrades.

Also, I signed up via some random sale/link that gave me 10 or 20% off. But every member has a “refer a friend” link which is a win-win. Currently, it gives new members 30% off, and the veteran member gets 3 free months.

Is the 30% with 3 months for the referrer gone and now it’s 25 and 2 months?

Basic. We don’t do that many sits through THS so Premium would be a bit expensive for 1-2 sits a year. The cancellation coverage sounds great in theory but I have seen people waiting for months for reimbursements. Better to have a flexible mindset and look for last-minute sits on all platforms (IMHO).

Hi everyone,

I went for the Premium one that actually saved my life because I had to cancel at one point earlier this year. Considering the war in the Ukraine, the constant flight delays Europe suffered this summer I did not want to risk it. I am delighted with the premium because it is yearly and the equivalent of 1 night hotel in Copenhagen, for instance.

Here’s what @Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr said on another topic about the special 30% / 3 month deal (for anyone who sees this here but hasn’t seen the other topic):

If I remember correctly, if you still have the basic membership and choose to upgrade, you can no longer go back to the basic membership. Original members are permitted to keep it but for all intents and purposes it’s been phased out.

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