THS repeatedly, periodically using my old email address

Has anyone had problems with THS repeatedly, sporadically and periodically sending the daily search listings to the wrong email address? I was a THS subscriber for years and wasn’t alerted to renew my subscription. I didn’t notice this during travels and finally saw that THS had sent the notice to my old email address, even though that last subscription had been initiated and operated for months on my new (and current) email address.
Having renewed my THS subscription early this year (2023) using my current email address, I have seen multiple times when they sent communications to my old email address instead of my current email address. The billing, daily alerts and community form emails to me have all suffered this fate over the past few months, but mostly it is the daily searches that sporadically get sent to my old email address. This has happened in August, twice in September and now again in November. Each time I opened a chat and supposedly got past ‘Frankie’ by typing ‘Representative’, though the supposed ‘team member’ chat responses contain some oddly-worded items.
In each case THS got back to me and had corrected the issue and promised it wouldn’t happen again. But of course it has happened again… and again… and again - and when it does, I miss seeing the daily searches, etc. I’ve had to keep my defunct old email address open just for this situation.
It seems that THS has no handle on their IT dept or knows what they are doing with it.
Has anyone else seen this issue or have any tips or input for me?

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No surprise there!

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I noticed awhile back I was getting emails to an old address, but only marketing-type ones. The newsletter and other types of emails they send to the membership were correctly going to my current email I use.

I emailed customer support about it and they stopped. But I noticed soon after I also stopped getting the newsletter,etc. at the email address I currently use. So it seems in making that request about these marketing emails at the old address, the current address was removed as well. I keep meaning to email them about it, but the forum seems to keep me in the loop about the most important things.

I know that must be frustrating.

Sure, but you may want the daily alerts for Saved searches (the ones that one creates in the Web interface).

I have seen several complaints that the email alerts do not work. This could be of the causes.

@pietkuip These sorts of emails always went to the correct address as well as new message notifications, sit invites,etc. It was only that one marekting type message that was going to the old email and it seemed to come out of nowhere as I had not used that email in a very very long time when they started.

Thank you all for your input and insights.
I have continued with multiple ‘chats’ about this email address problem, always bypassing ‘Frankie’ by typing ‘Representative’. Yesterday the ‘Team Member’ again ‘reset’ the email address in my account (after confirming that it was the right one!) and said I would no longer get anything sent to my old email address. Can you guess what happened next? Right! I no longer get ANY emails or daily search listings to either email address! I just finished another chat and was told they’d get back to me.
Really, how can a business operate like this!?

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Hi @Wingman we appreciate how frustrating this must be for you. If there is no obvious reason for the issues Membership Services will need to take this up with other team members who may currently be offline, possibly causing a delay but they will get back to you when they have an update.

Thank you for your comment Angela_L.
In the latest email response to my chat 2 days ago, the “Membership Services Executive” wrote: “your new email “[…](mailto:” has been verified and should currently be receiving our monthly emails.”
I’ve used my gmail account for several years now, so it’s not “new”. It’s the same one that has been “reset” by THS many multiple times in the past months, each time yielding temporary and unreliable results. Currently, I am not receiving any Daily Search Listings.
The most recent response from THS mentions receiving the monthly emails. However, that was never an issue. The response never mentioned nor referred to my months-long singular complaint of not receiving the Daily Search Listings. This problem continues despite the sincerely-worded responses via chat and email. I maintain an increasingly long record of these communications. Hope for resolution fades while diappointment grows.
I welcome any comments or suggestions from anyone.

Hello, @Wingman Angela is currently offline, but I am happy to help if I can.

I am sorry that this appears to not have been resolved by the Membership Services team resetting your account information.

I don’t know if this is the case or helpful, but I remember a few years ago when I changed my email accounts, I somehow managed to link them (my old to my new) and had these issues with some of my emails coming to my old address as well as my new address as they were linked, this was not THS but another company I had my emails subscribed with and I had to unlink my emails and they then had to update their email provider.

This might not be the case for you at all, but just an idea and maybe someone who knows more about this type of thing than me can jump in and help! I hope you get it sorted soon :slight_smile:

Thanks Carla_C,
My old and current email addresses are not and never have been linked.
In summary, again; Daily Search Results and some other emails that had been going to my current email addres began to be delivered to my old email address in sporadic fashion over the past few months. Membership Services have only ‘reset’ my email address multiple times whenever I contacted them. This resolved the problem for a few days to a couple of weeks, never permanently. In the past week this ‘reset’ process was repeated and I was assured that I would get the ‘monthly newsletter’, but my singular, priority, repeated issue and complaint was that the Daily Search Results were not coming to my current email address in reliable fashion. In this past instance, the ‘reset’ resulted in no communications being sent to either my old or current email address. In other words, they made the problem worse.
I’ve been a customer for years but this poor performance is unacceptable. I am paying for a subscription that I am not receiving. Further, I am spending many hours of my time addressing this issue, over many days. It appears to me from this lengthy and continuing problem that the THS I.T. dept and personnel really don’t know what they are doing.
I also question some of the chat and email responses that I get, wondering if I am conversing wtih a human or some AI bot or mix of both. The phraseology and sentence structure seems incongruous. Of course, the fact that my last exchange with THS, in a reply email to me, indicating that I would be receiving the monthly newsletter without even addressing my repeated complaint about not receiving the Daily Search Results was not reassuring. I have replied to that last email this morning but have had no reply.
Who can I call?

@Wingman I’m sorry that suggestion did not help. I wish that I could help more but I am out of ideas for what could be happening with this one so I have referred it back to Membership Services and expressed your concerns that it was not being fixed and asked them to look into this further for you. Please keep an eye out for their email, also please feel free to follow up with them and ask for more assistance. I hope it all gets sorted for you soon :slight_smile:

Hello Carla_C,
Thank you for your input and assistance.
Yesterday afternoon (11/17/2023) I received my Daily Search Results normally from my Saved Searches for the first time in a week. It was received at my current email address. This is encouraging and I hope that it continues without interruption.
I also received the usual email: “Request #1001025. How would you rate the support you received?”
In the past, until recently, I had always replied “Good, I’m satisfied”, only to have the problem return. By the time the problem recurred, the email for rating the request had expired.
There is no good way for me to answer that email at this time, so I will defer.
I certainly welcome this development, while reserving serious doubts about its permanence, as you can imagine. In either case, I will return here with any updates.
I certainly appreciate this communication avenue and value it more than the ‘chat’ with ‘Frankie’ mode!

Hello Carla_C,
RE: Continuing problem with THS sending Daily Search Listings to my old email address.
The latest email “reset” on November 16, 2023 resulted in precisely one day of my daily email searches being delivered to my current email address on November 17, 2023. On November 18, 2023, these emails again began arriving at my old email address and continue in this mode.
I now realize that this "email reset"process falls into the definition of insanity: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results .”
I appreciate your attempt to help. I do have a few questions that I would like to have clarified, if you will:
Are you and Angela_L on staff there at THS?
Are the emailed chat reply entities named Celeste, Chris, Misty and Jacqui real people?
As I’ve mentioned previously, there is a very obvious AI influence apparent in the non-resolution responses I’ve received when using the chat function.
Can you guide me to another communication avenue to address this situation?
Is there a direct link to the THS CEO?
Is there a telephone number that would connect me to a real human to deal with this issue?
When you suggest that “Membership Services” would be of help, can you enlighten me about communicating with Membership Services? Is this simply the chatbot that I’ve used already, or is it a different entity?
As you can see, I am out of patience with this situation and I am determined to find a responsible party that will resolve this.
Thank you again for your assistance.
Dean C. van Zwoll

This type of problem is best addressed with membership services, not on a forum. The forum folks just relay what you say and have no idea what to ask, etc., that might be specific. That’s not their job. From what I’ve seen at companies where I’ve worked where we had people handling email services, those often crossed teams and if you’re not directly talking to membership services, you’re making it less likely that your problem will be solved, because it’s a bigger game of telephone. And no CEO would waste their time with such a problem.

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Hello @Wingman I am sorry that you are still not getting anywhere with your email issues. I can confirm that other than Frankie the chat who is an AI, the other team members are real people.
@Maggie8K has offered you some helpful advice as the forum team has no access to our email provider or your specific account information, it is always best to keep connecting with the Membership Services team as they can assess all of that for you.
I also asked the Membership Services team to reach back out to you a couple of days ago, hopefully, they can assist you further. :smiling_face:

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It does not seem that membership services can do much about it either. And as a forum topic, it shows how messy the system must be when one lifts the lid.

Probably the owners have taken out too much profit during the last decade, invested too little in the technical side. Growth in membership then causes all kinds of scaling problems. Then introducing the “limit of five” changed sitters’ behaviour (I just got in an application as number 6 or 7 I think, it was gone in no time, three months in semi-rural Groningen next spring/summer, it is just insane!).


Better to give yourself the best chance, even if your odds aren’t great — at least that’s how I approach that sort of circumstance. I don’t know about THS’s specific internal challenges, but I’d share that I’ve worked at or advised well-funded startups with similar problems. Once I saw how the sausage was made, I was surprised by how messy things were, how complex even what seemed like simple requests were.

Part of the reality of startups is, they essentially get thrown up like shanty towns. If they start getting traction, users expect the functionality of a developed town, but it’s tough to make that happen on weak or nonexistent foundations. Startup people often describe it as flying a plane while you’re building it.

The nature of startups is, no one knows whether the business will take hold, so everything is built in shoddy shortcuts, trial and error. Trying to clean that up later is a nightmare. And the bigger it grows, the harder it becomes. I say this having worked at or advised startups that have since IPO’d or are on strong paths toward that.

The other thing that’s a reality: When you have little competition or weak rivals, you don’t have to deliver a terrific product or service. All you need do is offer what’s better than the rest. And when you see so many users passionate about a product or service, it indicates that it’s valued, despite the complaints. If people didn’t value it, they wouldn’t bother complaining. They’d just leave. And presumably any company can monitor those numbers.