Top Things To Do In Birmingham, England When Pet & Housesitting

"*Looking for a city with bags of character? Peaky Blinder Fans? … *

**Look no further than Brum. The West Midlands city is brimming with diversity and irresistible culture with no shortage of choice when it comes to entertainment. From mouth-watering food and stunning music venues to the glorious green space of Edgbaston and innovative museums, you’ll always find something to enjoy. Ready to experience England’s second-biggest city? Read on to discover what to do in Birmingham during your next pet sit.


If you’re a Durannie, head to where the old rum runner club was…Also from Birmingham-Black Sabbath, UB40, ELO or The Moody Blues so if you’re a fan there may be locations of interest.


Would love to visit the area as a history geek :+1:

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Know it well @RunnerC have Rum Runner friend connections … :wink: :heart_eyes:

The Opposite Loch on Gas Street was an incredible blues & jazz club in the same district, great for motor racing fans too, hence the name/play on words.

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Oooo…Extra kudos for you :+1::+1::+1:& one day when our paths cross, many stories to babble about :slightly_smiling_face:.

Birmingham is also famous for its canals. You can have a walk along them or take a boat trip.

Another great free thing to do is visit the main library. It’s a very striking modern building but inside it’s an intriguing mix of traditional and modern. You can take the escalators / moving staircases upwards surrounded by shelves upon shelves of old books and twinkly lights. There are a couple of levels with outdoor garden areas with great views over the city.

Then at the very top they have reconstructed a room from the old library. complete with ornate ceiling and wood panelling, which is where they keep some of the early / rare Shakespeare books.

Finally, if you have children and great weather, the fountains outside are fun to play in!


Will shoot a DM :wink:

If you are a Peaky Blinders fan then you should definitely visit the Black Country Living Museum which is located in the centre of the Black Country, 10 miles west of Birmingham. Peaky Blinders may be synonymous with Birmingham, but some of its key scenes have been filmed here and parts of the open-air museum are used to depict important locations in the show, including Charlie Strong’s yard.
The Black Country Living Museum is a place where you can see history brought to life and discover the story of the Black Country at their open-air living museum. You will meet their historic characters who will show you what it was like to live and work in one of the first industrialised landscapes in Britain as you explore 26 acres of reconstructed shops, pubs and houses.

Plus the fish and chips they serve in their real life 1930’s fish and chip shop (as shown above) are fab too! :yum:

If you are a foodie then there is also a great restaurant in Edgbaston in Birmingham called Simpsons which is set in a gorgeous Grade II listed Georgian villa with bright and modern decor but in a way that also respects the building’s elegance and heritage.

The food here also respects classical tradition but is a contemporary take on British cuisine whereby they combine flavours from around the world in dishes based on fabulous impeccably sourced seasonal ingredients. Here are a few photos below that we took showing a sample of some of the dishes we had when we visited.

Simpsons has also been recognised by PETA as one of the top ten restaurants for plant-based dining and also if you do decide to go you will need to book well ahead because they get very busy! :slightly_smiling_face:


@Samox24 The Black Country Museum is a fantastic day out, and one I’d like to do again now our daughter is of school age. Sadly though, our veggie family is unable to enjoy the traditional chippy as they cook their chips in beef dripping :sob: :

Simpsons on the other hand looks amazing for plant-based food. Quite a lot more expensive than a chippy though!