Travel Movies - Which One Inspired You?

“Lord Of The Rings”

I did it backwards … “Lord Of The Rings Ride” a 4 hour horse ride around the locations on NZ South Island where LOR was shot.

I have to admit to not having seen the movie but would go back to Queenstown and NZ any day.

A mini Canada … stunning scenery, excellent wineries, lovely people.



Cool! I’ll have to check it out! My sister walked the Camino in Portugal.

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New Zealand would be amazing!


I watched the Marigold Hotel movie while living with a friend in Spain. It’s really fun. I’d love to go to India someday.


When I was a teenager I watched “Endless Summer”. I had surfed in the colder waters off West Wales and decided that following the sun to surf around the world was a dream. I took a job in California much later in life and the surf spots were a big part of that decision. Another surfer movie that I loved was “Big Wednesday” and when I was living in Lagauna Beach, California I got to meet and spend some time with the star of that movie, Jan Michael Vincent. I am not a fan of celebrities and to be fair he had seen better days himself but he was cool and we became friends.
I always loved watching any road trip or travel films, documentaries and would spend hours looking at maps and any atlas as a boy. From an early age I had a thirst for knowledge and travel never disappointed me as there was always something new to see, learn or experiance. Travel was always in my blood.


What a great question! I am learning so much from reading the responses.


If you want to see a surfing movie, watch the crazy documentary about the Paskowitz family called Surfwise. As a surfer, maybe you knew them!
Surfwise Exclusive Trailer

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Frugal Travellers Lee and Mandy take the “Most Inspirational” prize for me - 30 yrs across 100 countries.

If you want to explore and see new things, you will find a way to pursue that soon. Don’t delay and wait for “one day”.

1994 Interview With a Vampire!
Movie based on Anne Rice books chronicles of a vampire series, which I had all first editions.
Film was largely set in New Orléans.
Got in our big a**! conversion Dodge Ram with my two youngest girls 5&7, and had a spectacular time searching for Lestat and Louis, dressing up and having mocktails.
Girls had a blast!

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The HouseSitter, a 1992 rom-com with Goldie Hawn as Gwen and Steve Martin as Newton touches me on several levels.

Single Waitress Drifter Gwen dreams of the traditional life; house, husband, family, friends. She quickly inserts herself into Architect Newton’s life despite his confused protests along the way to a happy ending.

In my own house sitting, I live, like Gwen, in a home WAY nicer than my own, for months at a time. My life as a house sitter, in my fourth year now, has turned into my life-long fantasy. I don’t need to struggle to strive for a Designer home decorated like a magazine photo shoot. Its all Free.

Like Neo in The Matrix, some mental confusion occurs from popping back and forth. In between sits, for a week or two, I usually live in my van, as my own home is fully rented. I love house sitting. What is Real? What is Fantasy? Why go back to a harsh reality at all?

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@Amparo This was one of my all-time favourite films as a teenager, it was something so different for me at the time and agree loved that it was set in New Orleans, with its old-world charm.

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@DavidTHS I’ve never thought of it that way, but now that you mention it, sometimes popping from sit to sit does feel that way! :rofl:

It’s most obvious when I have a 1 or 2 week gap between luxury home sits. I go back to being near homeless sleeping in my van. I shower at the community rec center pool. I park next to the public washroom at the local park at night. I wash up mornings in the Walmart family washroom after a hot sweaty night (no AC in my van…cant leave windows open in mosquito season).

Then poof, all my troubles vanish. My next sit starts. Fridge is full, clean sheets on the bed, work desk setup, hot shower, hot meals…I am back in the Matrix again, living a normal life for another few months.

House sitting has been transformational for me. I am still sitting locally. Cant wait to become a full-time “International” house sitter! See you out there!

(Ireland, + Africa) Dare to Be Wild - touched me so deeply, and I did not know it was a true love, travel adventure, and garden story, and all a true story - until after I saw it. All about Mary Reynolds’ life…bringing the wild beauty of Ireland to the world!
Must-see MAGIC.

(America + Italia) Under a Tuscan Sun - Diane Lane at her finest; bridging worlds of cultures, kindness and culinary fun, all under that Tuscan Sun.

Moving to Scotland, with my dog, and learning Gaelic, I am sure I will have my own Travel Movie before too long.

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