Travel Movies - Which One Inspired You?

“Lord Of The Rings”

I did it backwards … “Lord Of The Rings Ride” a 4 hour horse ride around the locations on NZ South Island where LOR was shot.

I have to admit to not having seen the movie but would go back to Queenstown and NZ any day.

A mini Canada … stunning scenery, excellent wineries, lovely people.



Cool! I’ll have to check it out! My sister walked the Camino in Portugal.

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New Zealand would be amazing!

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I watched the Marigold Hotel movie while living with a friend in Spain. It’s really fun. I’d love to go to India someday.


When I was a teenager I watched “Endless Summer”. I had surfed in the colder waters off West Wales and decided that following the sun to surf around the world was a dream. I took a job in California much later in life and the surf spots were a big part of that decision. Another surfer movie that I loved was “Big Wednesday” and when I was living in Lagauna Beach, California I got to meet and spend some time with the star of that movie, Jan Michael Vincent. I am not a fan of celebrities and to be fair he had seen better days himself but he was cool and we became friends.
I always loved watching any road trip or travel films, documentaries and would spend hours looking at maps and any atlas as a boy. From an early age I had a thirst for knowledge and travel never disappointed me as there was always something new to see, learn or experiance. Travel was always in my blood.


What a great question! I am learning so much from reading the responses.


If you want to see a surfing movie, watch the crazy documentary about the Paskowitz family called Surfwise. As a surfer, maybe you knew them!
Surfwise Exclusive Trailer

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Frugal Travellers Lee and Mandy take the “Most Inspirational” prize for me - 30 yrs across 100 countries.

If you want to explore and see new things, you will find a way to pursue that soon. Don’t delay and wait for “one day”.