TrustedHousesitters or Tinder? Where is harder to get a match? :'D

I mean, neither is easy for me, but to book a house sit has been waaaaay more difficult than to get a first date :'D


In both cases, I think it’s just a case of persistence, going with your instincts and making sure you pick a good one :wink: Best of luck!


Maybe you’re you’re only going for the 10s in both cases?

Your profile is good. Try getting local, short-term sits so you can beef up your reviews.

Thank you very much! Yes, I’ve been trying local short-term, and will keep trying 'till the end of my subscription. :slight_smile:

Lovely! Thank you very much. :smiley:


Hi @Piolo a conversation which may just change your “comparing” mind :wink:


Thanks a lot! Yes. This was one of the first threads I read when I started feeling discourage. Anyways… Will keep trying for a few more months. Have a wonderful week! :slight_smile:

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Just another thought - you had a sit in February and the home-owners have left you a glowing review. But you havent left them any feedback yet - is there a reason why? If you’ve just forgotten, please do add it. Feedback is as important for home-owners as reviews are for sitters. And as a home-owner, when I’m looking at sitters I look at both the reviews they’ve had and the feedback they’ve left.


Hi @Piolo As @Ketch mentioned, I second that. Feedback is very important for homeowners, the same as reviews are for sitters so I would also suggest that you complete the feedback from your first sit.

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Oh, thank you very much for writing about this. So the thing is… (I feel really dumb about this) I NEVER FOUND WHERE TO WRITE A REVIEW FOR THEM!!! And I looked for it… It was my first sit and I really loved humans and dog. Two days after the sit I asked them for a review, through a link or button or something I received via mail. They did. I thanked them a lot and talked about it by message, but never found where I could review them, so I assumed (wrong) they had to send me a request, as I did. As the days past by (we even kept in touch) they didn’t mention it so I assumed (wrong again) they maybe didn’t want one as long as they were about to move out of that particular home and neighborhood and the review about the place would no longer be helpful for other sitters. That was the thing. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: I’ve noticed I can reply right there, below they’re lovely review, should I do that? Or (sorry, I really feel dumb) where can I write the feedback for them? THANKS A LOT!!!

I’m not a sitter so I’ve not done it that way round but this appears to be the guidance you need:

Hi @Piolo If you reply in response to their review of you, (which of course you are more than welcome to respond to any reviews left about you), this is NOT the official place to leave feedback and others will not see this when they are looking at the homeowners feedback.
The correct place to leave feedback is through the feedback button on the THS website.

You can locate this when you are logged in and on your dashboard you simply open the drop-down menu where your name appears and you will see Feedback as indicated in the attached screenshot.

This is also where you will find reviews given to you by homeowners.

I hope this helps and @Ketch has also very kindly attached the guidance for how to leave feedback.

If you have any further questions or are unsure how to do this please do not hesitate to ask, we are all more than happy to help. :blush:

Hi! Yes, yes, totally, I want to… (Whole story at @Ketch 's reply)

Wow… I can’t believe it… I kept looking in “Reviews”. For me, there were called “reviews” from both parts. The key word was “Feedback”… which I always thought it was for giving “opinions” about the app… or so… Anyways: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!


Don’t worry, it is not not just you, leaving a review for the HO it’s very counter-intuitive and I couldn’t figure it out either until I came to the forum. I did what I think many sitters do, and left it as a reply to the review they left me until the homeowners were kind enough to point out how to do it correctly.

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For me - Tinder is a dumpster fire, lol. Use the better romance finding apps!

I travel with my dog we apply to many more than you will need to traveling individually but have had good success and only recently had to book accamodation outside just because I wanted to see the Iditarod kick off.


@Piolo Yes, leave a review of the housesit. Just make sure you are NOT leaving a review on Trust Pilot!! Make sure it is posted to the THS site.

We are sitters and homeowners. So we are going to echo what others have said: it is important that sitters leave a review just as the homeowners leave a review. As HOs (and when we are considering a sitter), we also look to see if they have left reviews from their previous sits. If they have not for several sits, we won’t use them. This ecosystem is a fair and equal exchange, which means – among other important features – it is important for both parties to leave reviews.

Thanks for listening!

Thank you very much! I completely understand. In this case it wasn’t negligence or not caring about the balance of the ecosystem, I actually tried to leave a “review” as you suggested, but what I understood this days is that they are called “feedbacks” (when sitters write about the experience with the HO) and they are in a different area of the website (that I already found thanks to the help of this forum). Have a great day!

Cool! Enjoy the adventure! And yes, I’m trying Bumble now… :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh! Thank you very much! This makes me feel a lot better! :sweat_smile: