Unlucky motorhomers

Hi, We’re Jane and Clive, who own a rather large motorhome (only because we have two dogs and need the room - a likely story!! ) and two Staffie crosses. Luckily they do not live up to their supposed reputation and like nothing more than lying in the sun, eating and lots of human company. we have recently moved back home to Cornwall and have lost our regular dog sitter so decided to join trustedhousesitters.
We’re not having much luck though and I’m worried its because we are currently renovating our home (building works were completed last year, just decorating at present) and the photos aren’t particularly inviting ( furniture everywhere and patches of tester paint on the walls!! any advice welcome - thank you

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@janeb Hello Jane & Chris and welcome to the community forum. My suggestion would be to be up front in your listing about where you’re at in your renovations while also focussing on the positive attributes of your sit, both inside and out.

Sitters will likely want to know whether they may have to agree to have workers on site, and how disruptive that might be. If it’s a case of your major renovations are done but the cosmetic work will be done after the sit, the sitters can decide whether that will be of concern to them.

Sitters will want to see photos, so show them in their best light, however possible. Admit to things like, for example, the bedroom has yet to be painted, but the bed is a queen mattress that is extremely comfortable. Will the kitchen be useable? Is the bathroom functioning as expected?

If you can restore any of the rooms so that furniture is useable in the intended rooms, of course that would be best to do. Think about the comfort of the sitters and do your best.

You haven’t mentioned whether the dogs will be travelling with you or staying at your house. That, of course, will be the most important information. :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks for your advice, I will update my profile to reflect the current situation

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