Unofficial THS site on Facebook

There is an unofficial THS site on Facebook. Using the THS sites name and logo.
Although they state that it is for THS members only, there is no control on this. so everybody can sign up there.

I signed up and actually was shocked about the kind of words and comments they use over there. About how people treat eachother on this FB page.
Let’s say it nicely: " I think it doesn’t give the real THS and his members a positive look".

If I wouldn’t know better, I wouldn’t want to be a member or even be linked on the real THS.

Can’t THS forbid the use of their name and their logo?

I know that it states to be an “unofficial site”, but everything breathes THS on this site.

(If this post does not belong here, I am sorry, you can delete it).


Yes, the FB page is pretty scary. This forum can be too, although it’s moderated better I think.

It’s social media generally in my opinion. Lots of keyboard warriors ready to pounce, letting out their frustrations with life in this indirect way. I don’t think THS can stop this. There are positive posts too though, I try to focus on these, and when the negativity gets too much, I take a break from forums.

THS is great and has been enriching my life so much. It has its problems, but what or who doesn’t?

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Hi @1MA

Would you be able to send me a Direct Message with a link to the group you’re looking at please?

To send a Direct Message, click on my name, and click on the box with “message” and an envelope on it.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Of course not. Freedom of speech etc.

And you can read even worse things on Trustpilot, which is a site that THS encourages to read and write on.


Yes, I also found it scary to post this first post on the forum.
Maybe I will get feedback I at first do not like.
But at least it will be given in a respectfull way.

People here approach it with a more open mind. Here it is not: “you against me” and “what I say is always true, l and I won’t change my mind” and “I can use all words that I want to accuse you from doing something wrong” as you know what mean.
More “we also can agree to disagree and that’s also right”. If done in a respectful way.

So that way you can learn and grow from it, not get pounced into the ground.

(And yes, there are also positive posts on the FB site, but it the negative posts and comments which will be remembered the most)

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I’ve never looked at Trust Pilot or given a review there. Which goes to show perhaps… :thinking:
Most people who write there might just want to vent their anger.

But it is their name and their logo.
Surely their must be something like: name protecting, logo protecting?

For example: just like I can’t use the Coca Cola or Disney name and logo…

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Hi @1MA

Thank for sending the link over to me - I’ve passed it on to the team - and I think they’ll likely already be aware of it as we know there’s some unofficial groups set up for discussion. I don’t have the knowledge to really answer any questions about them, but if I hear anything back from the team then I can let you know!

I hope that you’ll stick around our official Forum :slight_smile: there can be some passionate discussions, but we’ve got some really wonderful and knowledgeable members here.

Jenny :slight_smile:


The FB site can be a dumpster fire as can be the reddit page. But both can offer some great ideas, answers and perspectives without the heavy handed management and commercial intent of this forum. But like all social media your experience may vary.


I don’t think the moderation here is heavy handed at all. If I was a moderator, I’d delete more posts. (Thankfully, I am not and would not volunteer.)

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Of course you can. You just cannot use the Coke logo to sell your own kind of soda.

But there is no copyright on simple text logos.

Even if it was copyrighted (the dog house), it would be fair use for purposes of criticism, satire, etc.

Thank you, 1MA, for bringing this matter up, openly, on our Official Community Forum. This Unofficial Facebook site was created about a year ago and states it has 18K members! It’s still going very strong and is not well-monitored. Did the Administrator of this Unofficial Facebook site get permission to use the THS colors and logo? Recently, I have noticed that some of our Official Community Forum Frequent Posters, have been posting on the Unofficial site. I wonder if they know it’s an Unofficial site? In any case, I hope the THS powers to be will take action soon.

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How can I send you a private message, please?

Why? Do you want to restrict speech?

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I’m all for free speech, but I’m not for deception.

It says “unofficial group” when you join. That’s in the group’s main image.


I believe the unofficial (clearly marked as such) group was formed when the moderation on this forum was far more restrictive and members wanted to air their displeasure at recent changes. It still serves that purpose to a certain extent.


I believe that the existence of other groups contributed to the changes here.


@pietkuip I believe you are maybe , possibly correct. :grin:

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I agree that it is misleading that the “Trusted Housesitters Unofficial Forum” uses the THS logo.

However, I agree 100% that the Unofficial Forum has a right to openly, and without moderation, discuss all issues related to Trusted Housesitters. One should read it knowing it is unmoderated and assess its content thusly.