Unusual pet names

I wonder if your friend is my home owner? I’m currently housesitting for Fred and Barney!


Just a coincidence @Smiley. The Fred and and Barney I knew were in the distant past. Enjoy your sit!

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Our little kitties were Indy (short for Independence) and Rocket (as a kitten-he ran around as fast as a rocket)…part of a stray litter taken in by our local vet. They were born on the 4th of July!


Hi @jackluthes welcome to our community forum, thank you for introducing us to Treetops … a photo of him and his tree would be wonderful. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We just sat for a rescue dog from Mexico. His name is Churro. Yumm.


We used to adopt greyhounds, retired from racing before it was suspended in our local area. Rocket was My special friend. :heart: Best dog ever.


Here is Marcel Marceau, a sweet and lovable Maltese puppy we looked after on one of our sits.


We love us some black kitties!


My husband and I named our first cat The Beast, because at that time in our lives the only beer we could afford was Milwaukee’s Best (affectionately known among fans as "The Beast). Our next cat was named “Fish” after an incident where he ate a loaf of bread in the short time it took for us to walk back to our car for another load of groceries. My husband rightly identified this awesome cat as having a starvation complex from his previous life, so we named him after goldfish which can overeat and die. A quick story: e were at the veterinarian’s waiting room and, before our cat was brought out, the vet tech told us he had a tumor and we could send it off to be biopsied. When she left the room, another person said to us, “Wow–you must really love that fish!” Right after, our cat was brought out :rofl:

Our current cats are named Cinderella Cindy Lou Who and Maximilian, in honor of Dr. Seuss’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas. We gave them to our kids one Christmas. As well, our unofficial college mascot is a Wahoo, Charlottesville VA is oflten shortened to “Hooville,” and there is the urban legend of Giesel (aka Dr. Seuss) was rejected from UVA and lived in a mansion above The University.


Clearly we have a lot of fun naming our furry friends!


I rescued this little cutie at 7 months. Her rescue name was Sugar because she’s so sweet. After having her for a couple of weeks I was made aware of her spicy side so scoured the internet for sh names that described her personality. She became Shula. It’s an Arabic name that means “flame or fiery one”. Going back even further, the name Shuletta was Hebrew meaning “peace”. It’s a perfect description of my little star.

BTW: last week at the dog park we met a Maltipoo named Laptop for obvious reasons. Cracked me up.


We adopted 2 Siamese cats and struggled to name them. My husband was trying to give them Thai names but couldn’t come up with anything that fit either one of them. A friend of ours suggested Sushi (one of our favorite foods) for our little girl and the name fit. So then we still had to name our little guy. All of a sudden my husband said you know what we always have with Sushi we have Sake. So that became his name. So not only is it our favorite dinner but our favorite cats.


Over the weekend we sat a lovely springer spaniel named Zola. I was correct when I knew who she was named after :running_woman::running_woman::south_africa:


When I adopted my bestie dog from an animal shelter, the name on his cage was “Frankenstein”. I thought–no, that will not do and I re-named him “Rocko.” How did I come up with his name? I was debating between naming him ‘Rocky’ and ‘Roscoe’. I thought if I name him Rocky, I will think about the movie, ‘Rocky’ and if I name him Roscoe, I will think about the restaurant, Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles–so I compromised and came up with ‘Rocko’. :smiley:

During the application process, one of the questions that I ask homeowners is "How did your pet(s) get their names? What I find in their answers is quite interesting and fun. For an example, I just ended a sit with a 14-year-old cat named ‘Skitty’. How his name came to be? His pet mom said that, “when her sons were young, they were into Pokémon.” Skitty is a cat Pokémon. :grinning:

Here is Rocko:

Here is Skitty:


@Lindsay, my white cat was named Beano/ Beans for the exact same reasons

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