Updating "Welcome Message" on the Welcome Guide

In the Welcome Guide, on the Welcome tab, I see the welcome message title and body without the blue pencil. How do I edit it?

At the moment it shows this, which also shows in the “print” version:

Welcome Message

The Welcome Guide explains a few things about the pets and the home that you might need to know during your stay. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We hope you have a lovely stay.

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That option has been taken away by THS @kitty2 which is very disappointing as it used to be more personal being able to address the sitter by name and write what you wanted to. Another change that just “happened”!


Interesting. The fact that the welcome message says “Welcome Message” looks a bit like I forgot to change template default but I all guides have it I guess it’s fine :grinning:

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What a shame - I always appreciated the personal touch in a Welcome Guide.

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Same here @Twitcher. I kept thinking each time I received a Welcome Guide “Well, they could have personalised it by mentioning my name” until I investigated it (the advantage of a combined membership not that I now use the owner part) and as @kitty2 said, there’s no opportunity to edit that Welcome message. So impersonal!

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@temba if the welcome guide is personalized it is important to change it for the next sit.

Ozzie’s owners told me that their second THS sitters asked after receiving the welcome guide “Who is Nigel and why are we sharing the guest bedroom with him?”

Nigel is my husband and that sentence was left in from our sit. Luckily everyone saw the funny side!

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@Debbie You’re right, owners did need to change it for each sitter which didn’t take long but obviously some didn’t think to do that, like Ozzie’s owners! Glad everyone saw the funny side and a lesson learnt!

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