Urgently seeking dog/house sitters for house with hot tub!

Hi there

We have been let down by a house sitter and now are urgently seeking someone to look after our 4 dogs for 10-20th April.

We live in the beautiful Surrey countryside in a modern house that we built ourselves

No dog walks required as we have a secure field booked, we just ask that you take them to that using our van if possible, this isnt a deal breaker though as we can organise this elsewhere.

The dogs stay in the garden most of the day and dont come in the main part of the house, a very easy sit really!

Hello @Gables123 and I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been let down for your upcoming sit. We have a very helpful community here and I’m sure members will offer some constructive feedback to help you get quick replacements. I have moved your link to your profile, which is where we ask members to show their listing and profiles in the forum space.

You do indeed have a lovely house and also a gorgeous pack! This review says it all for me “The highlight of our stay was looking after Loki, Bobo, Balto, Juno & Elsie, who were heaps of fun, we loved all of their characters and they were very easy to look after. It was such a joy to see them bounding all around the field, or just mucking about in their big garden pen.”

We’ve done several sits with multiple dogs and there’s something very special about enjoying their interactions and play.

I will also tag @Lucy-Moderator so that she can boost your post for you. All the best, Vanessa and the team

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Your house looks fabulous. I’m impressed you built it yourselves!

If I were a sitter I’d like a clearer picture of the bathroom (I only just realised that’s a bath, not a basin) and one of the sitting room.

A picture of the van might be a good idea. And it’d be helpful to know what the parking is like at the secure field. (I’d be comfortable driving the van forwards :laughing: but wouldnt feel comfortable in a tight parking space.)

Although you have five dogs (which some people may find daunting), they sound like an easy-going bunch to look after. Maybe some way of conveying that??

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Hi @Gables123, your home looks beautiful and your dogs are gorgeous, but I think reworking your title could help to attract more sitters. “5 crazy dogs” could put people off. When you read the listing, they sound like a fun, easy gang to manage, but the wording in the title may put some sitters off from even reading the listing. Just a thought, best of luck!

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That is a fab point thank you!

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Hi @Gables123 firstly, wow what a lovely home you have and such beautiful dogs. I particularly like the picture of two of them posing very gracefully in the garden.

I have now given your listing a boost on the platform which means your sit will be relisted as a new sit and will be added to the next possible daily alert that we send out to sitters.

All the best


Hi and Welcome @Gables123 :wave:
I must say you have some adorable furbabies, that look like they’re quite the characters. You’re home is stunning, I’m greatly impressed in the fact that you built it, as I could only dream of doing this myself one day.
Again welcome to the forums, I have no doubt the wonderful people here will be able to help, and you’ll find the sitter you need. Should you have any questions, let us know. Best of luck
-Deb :heart: