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Is this the right category for technical issues? Not clear. Today I got the newsletter, which says I can now see all my past sits in one place. But when I click on the green button I get an error message. Have others had it work? If not to whom should this be reported?
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Hi @Lauraa thank you for bringing this to the Forum. For help with all and any Tech Issues please connect with Membership Services via the Help Desk Live Chat or email support@trustedhousesitters.com … meanwhile I will forward to the team.

I just tried it and it works for me

How does one get the newsletter? By email? If so, I have not gotten it. Guess I’ll reach out to member services.

@Cleeflang , ours came a couple of hours ago and I think they the time for sending them all is staggered so I would wait a day before contacting customer services

@Lauraa if you go to the website and login to your profile, click on your name/picture (top right corner). Past sits and reviews will be in the middle of the pull down menu.

or try using this link

Thanks, I’ll do that.

I can view all my past sits in that one simple page, and it is WONDERFUL! I really commend the THS team for making this change. It is so much better than the way it was before, when there was a page for sitter reviews and one for HO feedback. This is great.

@Lauraa I hope you have access to this now. I tried to upload a photo of where the page lives in your account.

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The new past sits dashboard is very neat, the only thing I would recommend is to change the wording of HOs who are currently inactive from expired to inactive.
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Expired parent at least in the US means they died.


Thanks for catching! I’ll pass this along

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Good catch!

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I must say @Angela_L & @Ben-ProductManager I don’t like the change to the way reviews now appear. Why did you feel that needed changing?

Using the link that drops down on the member-menu takes me to the page of past sits. It’s not clear though which side of the partnership is meant in the line of stars. I realise now it’s the value I put on the owners, not theirs on me, but why is that? Yes I see that if I click on a sit I’m taken to a place that shows both sides of the equation. But why is there only one on the summary page and why is it what stars I gave them? Does anyone see something different?

I agree @Smiley and I have read your thread asking where THS are up to with the new Review System.
Why do they change things that don’t need changing and ignore the real issues?

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Exactly my thoughts, but I await my knuckles getting wrapped for mentioning it!

Isn’t it just a way to display 2 things on the same page?

I just preferred the old way. It’s suddenly changed when there was no need to change it yet we’re still waiting for other glitches to be sorted out. If it ain’t broke don’t mend it, so the saying goes!

what I mean is it’s just an easily programmed cosmetic thing someone could do. not in the same league as revising the silly review system.