What do I need to do to get my first house sitting?

:paw_prints:HI Everyone My name is Heather an I am a newbie on here. Im having trouble understanding how you put in a application to house sit for someone. I have a little bit of a learning disability so its hard for me to understand how some thing’s work. But anyway my question is what or how do I go about getting my first house sit?
Hope to here from anyone and everyone!


@HeatherRae27 welcome to the forum and to a group of fellow sitters and Pet Parents who are here to assist you with questions just like this.

I did try to locate your profile but nothing came up in our system. Did you sign up for TrustedHousesitters yet? If not, that is your first step and where you can also find more great info to assist you in putting together an application for a pet sit. Just go to Find Pet Sitters & House Sits Worldwide | TrustedHousesitte rs.com to begin the first step. After you join, you will want to link your member profile to your forum profile here at How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile - Owner & Sitter Exchange - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum. This will give our members access to your profile and offer helpful advice.

You can find some great info on how to apply for sits here at Search results for ‘how to apply’ - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum. There have been many questions and answers to this very topic.

I wish you luck and happy applying!

Hi @HeatherRae27 , I echo @Debbie-Moderator ‘s words. After you join and post your profile to your forum profile, you will have many kind, experienced members jump in to give you tips.

In the meantime, if you just want to read a bit, you can use the little spyglass on the upper right to enter search terms or questions and see what has been discussed in the past.

Welcome, this is a great group here.