What Features Would You Like to See on THS?

How about being able to add a link to each of your profiles on the THS web and app if you have a combined membership?

Like the airbnb and LinkedIn links?

Or at least add an opt in to link the two profiles.

And/or to be able to link/unlink as needed.


Have HO & sitters have equal verifications.

In place of the references on the HO listing show
“Feedback ‘X’ #”


I have been using this app for about 10 years. I haven’t had horrible experiences but, I’ve also had some eyebrow raising ones and I do not think THS has a very good dispute resolution approach. I use apps like Zipcar and others, that mitigate some forms of dispute by requiring specific actions on checking in and out. I think THS should do something similar.

-Require a housesitter to take pics of major spaces when they arrive and when they leave: mitigates disputes about condition of home and cleanliness, etc.
-Require owners to also take pics of major spaces before the housesitter arrives, especially in cases whereby the housesitter and owner do not meet in person.
-Answer key questions as part of the check-in and check-out process on the app, for example: did you clean your space before leaving? Was your space clean when you arrived? Did anything break or sustain damage, etc.
-For owners, a Q&A about the pet would also be helpful for sitters - health problems, noise and other issues, etc.

I recently had a housesitter who left my home very dirty and after 24-30 hours of travel I was not elated to realize I also had to clean.

Zipper will not let a renter get into the car until these checkpoints are done, and after the lack of dispute resolution I experienced it would be good to have something more objective and ideally, would mitigate some types of dispute.


My experience of THS dispute resolution was not great and it’s put me off renewing my membership.

I think your ideas are fantastic. The fewer opportunities for failings, or misunderstandings, the better


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Hi @delawrence23. Wow, 10 years!

Thanks for posting your suggestions. I’m familiar with Zipcar but never used one. Your list of specific actions makes sense to me! And why reinvent the wheel, if Zipcar has already? =)

Yeah, a little more structure would help everyone have the same expectations.

And to go with the overall topic, here are some of my feature requests:

  • let PPs see how many views they get each day, and how many favorites

    • helpful for them to improve their listing, like on Airbnb
  • better metrics to help PPs improve their listing (and ditto for sitters)

    • (e.g., for a given city/query, how many people click on my listing vs other listings?) (how many apply, relative to other listings?) (time spent viewing listing) (can also do an AI analysis of what makes the most popular listings and how I can improve)
  • give PPs at least the option of a free background check like sitters. Similarly, I wish PPs could get external references to start out.

  • allow PPs to include a more accurate listing location (e.g. like Airbnb) (GPS? cross streets? bus stop?)

  • when viewing a listing’s photos on the app (iPhone), let me swipe left to see last pics (i.e., pet ones)

  • allow PPs to unpause simply by clicking one button (e.g., “unpause listing”) (don’t require them to decline any sitters)

  • let PPs favorite a sitter from their profile page (currently can do only on the page where you search for sitters)

  • let PPs reorder pet photos

  • fix UI for TH messages/invites: it looks like you can send an invite with explanatory text, but you can’t and it’s two separate actions. E.g., I may plan to write a message, click the date checkbox, and then click send. That’s how I would imagine it would go. But if you do that, then the message part never gets sent, but the text box is cleared, so you’ve lost your message and you might not even realize it was never sent. Very confusing and unintuitive.


All good! The site has changed very little over the years at lease in the owner experience and technologically.

I think making some tech investments makes sense, though I’m not hopeful.

I’ve begun looking for another and more “in this decade” tech capable site instead….


Block sits so that it doesn’t constantly show up on my feed


Totally. The ability to block ‘problem’ sitters would also be good.


Can THS not introduce a time limit to how long a sit is under review? I don’t like applying for multiple sits as I don’t like letting people down but it’s frustrating when 14 days pass and the applied sit is still under review. There are only 5 people to choose from! How long does it take? I agree with others that if you haven’t heard it’s probably not you, but I hadn’t heard back from a great sit for 10 days, nearly gave up, but was invited to do it.
I just think it encourages a disrespectful attitude towards sitters to keep them hanging on.


Let Homeowners choose whether we want a sitter “vetted” (by a for-profit third party company) or not. Let us choose if we want to be restricted to five applicants or open to more. Just STOP imposing unnecessary and silly restrictions. We are adults who know how to talk to people and make decisions for ourselves.


The forum could have been implemented to boost SEO, as that’s something THS has been great at doing for the past decade: appearing first in google search. I, too, would love to chat to the tech team. I have a lot of questions about the functionality of the website and suggestions that, in the world of devs, are super easy to implement. Now in the world of higher management, it’s another story. I really appreciated reading their reviews on glass door, to have a feel of what it’s like to work for THS. I wasn’t disappointed.


I’d like to have the option to see sits in date order. Say if you have been let down last minute by a HO and need to find another sit in a certain location quickly, it would be good to see them by date order rather than trawling through pages of sits. I know you can filter by dates but sometimes a lot of sits are available during a set time period.


I’ve raised this in the Help section but @Carla_C suggested posting here as well.

I’ve just noticed that when feedback has been given to a HO following a sit only the primary account holders name shows under our profile pic even though we’re doing this as a couple. Our whole profile states we’re a couple so I strongly feel that both names should be shown across all elements of the platform, especially when we leave end of sit feedback.

I’ve emailed @support to see what their response is.


I’d like to make the suggestion directly to Trusted Sitters and I’m not sure where to do that, so I’ll try here.

I think it would be very helpful to include a daily (by hour) at-a-glance type checklist form to be included both in the welcome packet and under the responsibilities section of the sit listings.

There’s so much information in the welcome packet that these important details might get overlooked. I also think it would be hugely helpful to have an idea of what to expect your day to look like in regards to sitters task lists. Listing these items in an (approximate) hourly format would give a clear summarized check list of activities.


There is a way for HOs to create a calendar of events. However, I’ve just tried to add an event (for trash collection) and I am unable to change the time of day. The 15:00 and 16:00 is fixed and can’t be changed. This is probably a system glitch @Ben-ProductManager .

Hello, @Lassie Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I will pass it on to the tech team now and feedback to you.

This would address weekly tasks. I’m suggesting a daily check list.

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Tasks can be made daily, weekly, monthly, or one-time. I just made it weekly in my example for trash collection.