What Features Would You Like to See on THS?

The ability for HO to filter for a minimum number of 5 star reviews - for example show only sitters with 5 or more 5 star reviews Or don’t show sitters with no reviews

Hi @Luna2000,
Thanks so much for your feedback.

Just to introduce myself, I’m Emily and I’m the Head of CRM here at Trusted Housesitters. I look after all member communications, so your suggestion on confirmation messages for owners sits with my team.

We have plans to review our ‘pre-sit’ communications in the next couple of months. I’ve added your suggestion to our list of actions, so watch this space!

Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:


What is CRM?

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Hi @Twitcher!

CRM stands for ‘customer relationship management’

Specifically at Trusted Housesitters, the CRM team looks after email and app communications - from the start of someone’s membership through to their renewal and everything in between :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m sure that it has been mentioned already, but I’ll add my vote for a member responsiveness rating.

I am a sitter and HO, and when I post a sit as HO, I acknowledge all applications within 24 hours at most, usually under 6 hours. However, I don’t receive the same courtesy from HOs when I apply for sits.

I have sent a few sit applications lately that have not been acknowledged at all, despite me writing thoughtful messages. HOs can’t claim to be inundated with applications now, so this is just rude. I’ve started withdrawing my applications and telling the HOs that I assume they are pursuing someone else since my application wasn’t even acknowledged.

It may be a generational difference. It is not a cultural one, because the HOs and I share cultures. It is also probably a function of the increased membership, leading to an increase in every type of member, including rude ones.


THIS! I often “apply” stating my caveat in the first two sentences that I can’t make their specific dates, just because I want them to know about me in the future. Several have responded back that they would file me. In fact I wish this were true on the owner side that I stead of people saving my listing, they could reach out for the future in a written intro. Recently I had 100 saves and only about 4 apply.

I think it would be helpful when you hover over a pet sit to have it highlighted on the map. This would help with searching.

Hi @Mom8xs thank you for the great suggestion. It would be great if you could add this on to the attached thread below. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it might be helpful to expand the star rating when giving a review. Many people are nervous about leaving a bad review. If the star rating could have categories, like cleanliness, location, amenities, pet behavior, etc. it might be helpful. Instead of just giving a three star rating for the whole sit, you could be more specific. I think this would help other pet sitters to know what areas are good and what areas might need improvement.

New to the platform but a few suggestions

1.Integrate WhatsApp (once sit is confirmed press on number)
2.Easy export of confirmed sits to calendar
3. Search by region (eg Europe, Schengen etc)


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If I save a bunch of sits that look good, I’d like to be able to see the dates and sort by date so I can work out a multi-city plan. That would make it so much easier to see what overlaps.

Welcome to the forum @kikitomato . Extra features to enable to sort listings would be very useful .
However in the meantime any delay in applying and You’ll likely find the sitting opportunity has been snapped up as applications are automatically paused once the first applications are received.

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A choice of replies that can be selected for unsuitable applications would be wonderful.

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I declined some unsuitable sitters and then unpaused my listing.
Apparently, the sitters that had saved my listing got a notification that I had " relisted" my listing, so some of the ones I declined reapplied… and then the 5 spots filled up quickly again and I had to decline them and unpause the ad again - hoping that others wouldn’t reapply.
The declined sitters should not get a notification.
And Im not sure why it sent them a “the listing has been relisted” either. thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello from a newbie.
I have been saving lots of sits (for future reference).
Is there a way to filter them so they appear in date order (date of sit)?
This would be immensely useful.


@MarieHuggins , not that I’m aware of. Once I have saved something, it’s very hard to find again, as there are now so many, until the listing posts new dates.

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do you agree it would be a great idea @mars?

@blissed when you decline unsuitable applicants do you also send a personal note explaining why? That would probably help stop them reapplying when you unpause! However I’m surprised anyone would reapply for a sit where they’ve already been declined once!!

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Yes, I always send a personal message. But because they get a notification that I have “relisted” (I didn’t) they think that maybe they have another chance.

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The easiest way to send declines quickly and without hesitation is just to type up a generalized “thank you but…” and when you want to decline, just copy and paste. It gives a personal message but you don’t have to think or type it each time.