What Features Would You Like to See on THS?

Possibly a bit late to this topics but I’ve mentioned in other threads that I would greatly appreciate it if HOs could choose between
‘open to sitters with a pet’
or ´not open to sitters with a pet.’


I just had a sit pop into my saved searches today. I might have been the 4th or 5th applicant. The homeowner reached out immediately to see if I could call in a day or 2. I was not in the position to make a call at that moment but called a few hours later. The homeowner called me back and stated he spoke with someone yesterday who booked confirmed their airfare today? I find that interesting. Based on that experience it would be nice to know the date has been posted, especially for those sits that are not as popular and don’t immediately get 5 applicants. I have found that most homeowners seem to go with the first or 2nd applicants and wonder about those sits with few applicants if they have arranged the sit offsite and are no longer looking for a sitter. i think the posting date would be helpful to sitters


Hello, @UKFIDO Thank you for contributing to the community forum, I have moved your post to this thread where members add and discuss new features that they would like to see added to the website.

As a HO I would love to see this feature. We can take a trip if the opportunity arose.
I have often thought this could give HO a push to take a trip they haven’t spent ages planning and save sitters big gaps and expense.


Yes! Thank you, Brodie.

Fantastic suggestions, @TomorrowTamara . To those I would like to add, a suggestion posted by @Itchyfeet somewhere that THS expand their IT department and hire additional personnel to fix the bugs and implement some of these excellent suggestions.


Thank you! The world does not understand the word nomad yet. I literally have to change my location every time. LinkedIn finally allowed just United States, but no one else does.


Yes! The five limit is annoying as it is, but I have had one sitting for weeks. Other house sit sites have this. One in particular dings their reply rating if they don’t respond. I mean they are doing themselves a disservice because by the time they respond, all the sitters will be booked and then they have to start over since they only get give to begin with.


This is my pet peeve about the listings. I think it should be a requirement that they list the alone time for a pet. Is it just me or are pets being coddled more and more? I get it, you work from home, but it just isn’t realistic and I think sometimes owners need to realize we aren’t getting paid but either the time alone is too short or the sit requires so much work you can’t even do your own work! I could scroll right past the “dog can only be left three hours sit” because that just isn’t me.


I would like to add for the love of all things holy- it should be MANDATORY to state how long your pets can be left alone. For some reason all dogs in America seem to be high maintenance now (or their owners) and some of these owners seem to have an expectation that I am coming to your house and never leaving until you get back. I am a full time sitter and this is the way I live, but I do have to go to work. If this was in the listing (specifically for dogs), I could scroll right past the ones that had dogs that can’t be alone. I waste so much time (especially with the awful five sit application pause) trying to find ones that meet my needs.



I love your ideas! Especially the “Sitters in the area”… that would be so awesome!

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I would like to see the existing filters working correctly.

For example when searching for ‘new’ sits this isn’t reliable. Some listings don’t have the ‘new’ tab, some listings stick at the top spot for days. Also I was told that listings are new for 24 hrs but that isn’t the case as some show as new for several days. Any genuine new listings are mixed in with the older ones making searches unreliable and time consuming.

Filtering on dates doesn’t work and throws up numerous anomalies.

Search on area covers far too large an area.

All the above points have been raised numerous times and apparently they are on the to do list.

Get the basics right before tinkering with other less important areas of the website/app and make them more compatible.

No point even mentioning the elephant in the room :weary:


Please encourage HO’s add how long pets can be left.


I’d like to see a blind review system. THS said in April 2021 on this forum that they were working on a new review system. Nearly 2 years later we still haven’t seen anything. @Ben-ProductManager could you at least provide a product update on where the rebiew system project is up to and a rough timeline that we might have something better than what is currently in place, that leaves parties scared to write anything unfavourable in case of a retaliatory response.


1000%!! THIS!! If its going to be that the dog cant be left for mote than 2 hours im scrolling right past. Sorry but ANNOYING! You are NOT paying me so dont expect me to be at your pets beckon call.


Hi @Crookie I hope your weekend is going well, Ben’s offline and so I will pick this up with a very top line update, the review system is on the roadmap for 2023.

Our amazing members have given the teams working on this major project invaluable feedback since the forum was launched and not just on the review system.

Any significant updates will be posted by Ben and his team

Thank you …

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I would like to see the “pause at five” function changed to it’s original state :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


As there is a ‘favourites’ option on listings could there also be a ‘no’ option too?

We’re quite specific on what we like/dislike when it comes to sit location and it would be really helpful to be able to click and hide those that come up on my saved searches that id never consider so it keeps the list smaller.
Would also mean that when HO update their listings to bump back up the page they won’t continuously come through as ‘new’.
I get quite excited when the app pings for new listings only to find there’s often no new sits only ones I’m not interested in for whatever reason.
Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


I have been asking for the same thing for over a year on the forum with no response from THS :frowning: It is especially annoying when sits I have no interest seem to get stuck at the top of my feed for days.


@Freebird it’s so annoying isn’t it! I’ve only been using the app for a few months and already finding it frustrating.
Hopefully if enough members ask they might do something. We can’t be the only ones who want this option.