What have you left behind after a sit?

So you have just finished your sit. Cleaned up after yourself, packed, given cuddles to your most recent pet friend. Headed off into the sunset but oh wait! F#+’’k ……what are some things you have left behind?

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Chargers - have left behind twice now. One homeowner found my hubby’s underwear underneath the bed! Luckily we had done many repeat sits for them and had become good friends so it wasn’t too embarrassing :slight_smile: I make sure to look underneath the bed now!


Yes, like @Globetrotter , we forgot a laptop power cord and ended up for certain reasons having to buy another one. I also forgot my packable rain jacket and many weeks later, the HO posted it to me. (I had already bought a replacement, as I was in rainy Scotland at the time.)

Well I was doing well until my 15th sit. I’d travelled on a cool morning to heathrow. Flew to a blazing hot Lisbon. I’d worn a hoodie to the airport but carried it to the sit location. The HO (I did an hour handover) kindly hung it in a cloak cupboard. I didn’t need it again due to the very high heat in Lisbon…and only remembered said hoodie when I arrived at Lisbon airport to fly home! The HO kindly posted it back to my UK flat.

Amazingly, nothing! Although I do travel pretty light, just a carry-on sized backpack.

@mars @Globetrotter After leaving a couple of chargers at hotels, I now wrap bright yellow tape around the plug of all of my chargers. The bright yellow always catches my eye when I do my pre-departure check. It’s also been helpful when I’m charging in public locations.

Great question @Oztravels !

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Great idea. I’m stealing this.

I use the home’s microwave as a safe place to keep potentially dangerous food away from pets. Left about 1/3 of a really good chocolate bar in a microwave last week. :sob:

Charging cord, ice cube maker, shoes, shampoo/conditioner. Now we have a departing checklist sheet

My oldest pair of trainers that I was about to throw out! They were probably the most scruffiest things I’ve ever owned. How embarrassing!!!

Our very first sit, which we drove to, we left a towel and toothbrush & toothpaste.

I left a whole drawer full of clothes at my second sit, which was for 5 weeks! I was in England, where I’m from, travelling with my car so had a lot of clothes. The owner messaged me to tell me and, fortunately, my next sit wasn’t too far away so was able to return to collect them. I left a pair of Crocs at another sit and a very useful thick wind proof jacket, which the owner kindly posted on to me. I now triple check homes before leaving!

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I left a piece of my heart with all the lovely pets. Nothing else, because I use checklists for packing and cleanup.


Oh no! I feel this! Smart idea though.

BTW, these QR stickers are cool. You can stick them on stuff and anyone who scans them (if they find your lost stuff) can access whatever contact info you’ve put on file. You can update that info as needed. Of course, they’d actually need to want to return your items vs. keep them.

On my stickers, I mention that a reward is available. I use them for stuff that doesn’t merit an Apple AirTag.

For pieces of baggage, I use AirTags inside, as well as drop a business card inside, along with an external ID tag.


I’ve left one of my dogs’ supplements, and other than that, it’s always shower related. I’ve left my shampoo and conditioner bars twice now. Thankfully I am local and have been able to return for them. I’m now really hyper focused on checking the shower.

I’m pleased to say we have not left anything (to my knowledge :woman_shrugging:) at anyone’s home, after 23 sits. At hotels, however…most definitely YES! There is something about those one or two night stays, that mess with our mojo. We take so few belongings into the hotel room, that you’d think we’d be more apt NOT to forget. Left an iPad mini, and the host at the family run hotel, kindly mailed it to me. And yes, some electronic cords as well :frowning:. Lessons learned for sure.

Me too, @Joanne . I bought a block of Brunost (Norwegian brown cheese) to bring home from my last sit in Oslo and left it in a hotel refrigerator. I realized this at the airport just before boarding the plane. I wasn’t entirely heartbroken, as I had eaten enough of it while I was there to last a lifetime!


Oh food in the hotel fridge…yup we’ve done that too! I forgot that I forgot something…hahaha…thanks for reminding me @mars

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I left what was for me an expensive CD player (I’m that old, LOL) on a plane during college, when I had little money. Since then, I’ve been paranoid about leaving things.

At hotels and sits, I try to keep my stuff together as much as reasonable and use checklists. Like on my clean-up checklist, I note if I’ve got ice cream that’s half-eaten and should be tossed before I leave. I also put Post-It’s on drawers and hotel fridges where I’ve put stuff, so I can remember when leaving.

Keeping stuff together at hotels has been especially useful for me. A couple of times, smoke alarms and evacuations sent all guests into the cold overnight. Because I had my keys, electronics and a hoodie in my bag next to the bed and could grab everything in one sweep, I wasn’t left standing in the cold like many others.

I stayed warm in my (rental) car and surfed on my electronics while waiting for firefighters to put out the fire and/or inspect each floor and the rest of the hotel before allowing us back in. And my husband and I were traveling with our dog in one case, and luckily we grabbed this, too:

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