What inspires you when you travel?

Linda and I travel usually in a Mazda Miata convertible. A small two seater that feels almost like a go-cart. It has been the best money I have ever spent on high dollar toy. (I spent 12k for an older but low mileage 2006 model) It never fails to make us feel younger and freeer. The major drawback is packing space. Linda has become somewhat of a packing expert, think zippered bags no sides. Anyho, We’ve traveled thousands of miles and had the time of our life. Sometimes a feeling will overcome us that makes us so grateful to be alive and experiencing the adventure that were on.

What make you feel inspired and alive when traveling?


Perfect timing! I’m shopping for q Miata myself right now. An early retirement gift for myself and my husband to enjoy. I had one (Original NA body, the kind that had the headlights that winked!) in my 20s, and adored that car!

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People often find inspiration in a combination of factors, and the reasons for inspiration can evolve and change over time.

@CharitySitters this is what I call making the most of your life! I love how you approach this and how you feel about what you are doing…which is what all humans should be doing…living life to the fullest!

Happy Travels!

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