What’s the record for the number of five star reviews?

We just hit our 10th five star review (which we are really chuffed about) but wondered what the record is. I’m guessing we have a LONG way too go :rofl:


Well done @Oztravels :clap:.

I have wondered the same as we only joined THS this year .

I have noticed that many sitters have more than 100 x 5​:star:reviews ( mostly in U.K. where THS started out ) but I also would like to know what the highest is and how many sitters there are with 100+ :star::star::star::star::star:?

I know from the forum that there are several regular contributors who have 50+ @Smiley @Lokstar @Sunshine_G @Karen_E @Macca @Chrissy @Timmy

Hi @Oztravels I just wanted to add my congratulations to you too on hitting your 10th five :star: review and here’s to many more to come. :clap:t2::clap:t2::blush:


A big congratulations @Oztravels You certainly on the road to achieving loads more too.
I am sure there are many full time sitters here, that are close to the 100’s.


Congratulations, you’ll be amazed how quickly they build up.
She won’t say but I know that @temba has well over 200 such reviews


Have you been spying?:joy::rofl:

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:star_struck: Wow @temba that’s amazing so much experience on this forum :clap: I am in awe!


:blush:No, not spying :female_detective:
I read people’s posts carefully and take notice :hugs: these contributors have mentioned in their posts when giving answers and sharing advice “ I have done over 50 sits” …

I assumed that they are all 5 star sits because you are all brilliant :star_struck:

As a newbie to THS and full-time sitting this year I have benefited greatly from the advice from all of you with so much experience.


We’ll probably start getting less than 5 stars with the new reviewing system!

53 so still a way to go. I don’t sit all the time and started in 2014. Still love it, I have made some lovely friends and I am often booked up a year ahead.


Thank you @Silversitters for your lovely words. @Smiley has let the cat out of the bag but she overestimated, although it is well over 100. I like just being a quiet achiever and don’t sit full-time.


30 5 star reviews here :smiley:

one of less than 5 and a couple of missing ones too, that’s reality sometimes :wink: :upside_down_face:


You’re virtually full time though

About two-thirds of the year @Smiley so a few lulls in between, especially when not O/S.

@temba Just think how many PETS you have saved from going to a kennel!! It breaks my heart when I see so many unfilled sits as I envision anxious pets being placed into cages for days.


Wow @temba. That’s amazing! I have a target now! :grin:
I have some way to go though…19 5 star reviews!


The sits will fly past @richten1 so just keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy every experience.


I, like Temba, have over 100.
Temba overtook me a while ago though


I have been pet sitting now through THS for a few years. There maybe others like me that don’t even ask for ratings any more after a sit. Especially since I have so many that are semi regular opportunities.

Oh no Dennis, I love getting reviews. I like collecting them! :joy:

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