What's this?

Walking back from a fabulous jazz concert the other night in Melbourne, Australia this scurried across my path. What pray tell is it?

What new-to-you and interesting critters have you come across in your travels?


Looks like a bushtail possum to me. He’s so cute - what a fun find!


Definitely a bushtail possum, they come out at night time. Unfortunately far too many are trying to survive in our cities which don’t turn out too well for them with dogs and traffic, the possum doesn’t win.


Thanks @kaylarose and @ziggy. Its always good to get to know the locals a bit :rofl: This one seemed to be fat and happy living in the park. I hope he stays clear of the road.


@Karen_E , Definitely a Possum, We had one on our balcony when we were recently sitting in Melbourne

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It’s a Brushtail Possum (not bushtail), very common in Australia, including cities


It’s a drop bear pup. They leave their young in your path to attract you while they sneak up behind you. It’s unusual to see them in Melbourne this time of the year as they are usually malting. Enjoy Australia. :rofl:

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It’s…not great that it’s on the ground like that.

@Oztravels my mistake, it’s definitely a drop bear! Thanks for reminding me :laughing:

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@Oztravels and @Crookie even if it is, I’m not wearing Vegemite behind my ears! :rofl: