Where to leave public notes about sits after the review window?

I completed a sit and then didn’t get to leaving a review right away (lost power during winter storm and it kinda threw my routine off). I was still within the window, should’ve had another day to go, but the website is a little wonky sometimes so it wasn’t letting me post. I was on the customer support line, and was told they’d submit a help request but I haven’t seen anything happen. I just want to know if there’s anywhere I can leave some kind of comment since it was a really good sit, and I can’t see the option to make comments anymore, or if there’s an email I can send questions to.


The only thing you can do now is to leave a positive response to the review they gave you, although this will only appear on your profile and not theirs so is not as good for them as you leaving them a ‘proper’ review

I think use it as a learning curve and be sure to leave your future reviews promptly.

You can ask the HS to send you a link to allow you to leave a reference. It will show up as a reference as opposed to a review on their profile but you can clarify in your text that you missed the window and wanted to make sure you left a review bc it was a good sit.


I didn’t even know that home hosts have references on their profile page - every day is a school day!

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Yes. It’s actually one of the first recommended steps to help you before y ou have reviews. You can ask people to provide you character references and I think you can also have them make a selection to indicate that you have sat for them.

Now that I think about it, it could be a great way for people that have experience on other platforms to get their non-TH HOs to revise feedback that would be seen on this platform. :exploding_head::thinking:


Are you confusing home hosts with sitters?

Sitters can ask for references but I’ve just had a quick look and can’t find any home host profiles that have references.

Oh I misunderstood the post. I thought “completed a sit” was coming from HO side. Yes. Only HS can have references posted. :+1:t4:

And in that case, concur with your original comment.

Although interestingly enough, in the mobile app, I can request reviews from previous sitters (as you can see, this was a very old sit) but this may be a hangover from the old system and you can only request once.

That is requesting a review, not a reference - the terminology can get confusing :joy:

Yes. As stated, only HS can request references.

As an HO, I still have the ability to request reviews for older sits, but I’m not sure that option would still be relevant to sits in the new system.