Dashboard: "How was your sit?" when I already left feedback

This still comes up on my Dashboard, for a sit that was in April:

It is for a sit for which I had left feedback many months ago. It shows in my “Past sits”:

Maybe the system is confused by that they did not leave feedback for me? (I don’t think there were any problems. It is probably just that pet care did not apply, because they had decided to take the dogs with them.)

Does anybody else have this kind of reminders on their dashboard?

Yes, I have received this message too although I have left a review. I just ignore it.

Hi @pietkuip and @andrealovesanimals

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve noticed a couple of other Forum members mention this, as I’ve been catching up on reading posts this morning.

I’ve asked the Tech team if they can give me any information. I can’t promise anything, but bear with me, and I’ll do my best!

If anyone reads this and has the same issue, please tag me or pop me a DM.


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Quick follow up question @pietkuip and @andrealovesanimals - are you seeing this message on web or mobile?

There may be some confusion around the terminology as we appear to be in an interim period between the old and new system.

When I look at my past sits on the web it asks me to leave ‘feedback’ for a couple of sits. I did actually leave feedback for them at the time but decided not to leave a review.

@Jenny The screen captures are from the web interface. I now checked the app and I do not see this message on my app (iOS).

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Thanks so much for doing that @pietkuip - I have passed that over to the Tech team!

Yes, I’ve also come across this. Bizarrely, I also get notified whenever a sit I was invited to but declined, had the HO change their dates later down the line. It tells me ‘The dates have changed for a sit you applied for’ when I had no interest in that specific sit, hadn’t ever applied and don’t necessarily want to have more email updates cluttering up my inbox about it.

Same for me. I see it on the website, not on the app.

And then there are the bizarre dates in the daily emails with alerts for saved searches.

This came in last night:


Just a quick update to confirm that the Tech team has confirmed that the “how was your sit” dashboard message issue will stop happening in the weeks after the much-anticipated review process is updated.

I know we don’t have a date for you on the review update yet, but as @Carla mentions here, we’re getting close and will let you know as soon we can.

Thank you so much for your patience in the meantime!


Me too, have had two follow up emails, I left the review within 24 hours of leaving