Who's on a house sit now? How's it going?

@CreatureCuddler , that’s SO adorable!
How can you bear to work with that cutie staring at you?!

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So very cute!

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It’s difficult. But he’s still getting plenty of belly rubs as he’s laying on the sofa next to me. :slight_smile:

Last night we arrived at Sheffield (UK) to spend a week with this tiny trio of trouble!


Just finished our last Housesit in Javea, Spain. These 2 lovely Tamaskans Koda and Tali were great to look after. Although they were powerful dogs we were able to manage them. Going back again in July and November to spend more time with them and Debbie and Ian their owners. I’m sure Lucy the cat will also welcome us back.


Final sit of 5 over 6 weeks in the UK. Got lucky with a 2 night sit in Kingston on Thames with a pair of sort of Siamese cats. Comfortable house, easy walk into center of Kingston and to the river. Beautiful weather.
Cats are pleasant but on their own terms.


Interesting house museum - Dorich, the home and studio of sculptor Dora Gordine and her husband Richard Hare.


How do you manage to line up all your sits straight through with no gap days between, if that’s what you meant?

Beautiful cats, and what an interesting looking house.

It was hard work and I got lucky. I did have a 1 day gap between the first and second - used hotel points for a night in Birmingham between the 2 sits.
I was planning on the last 2 nights at a hotel as well, but once the string started I looked for something in London for those last 2 nights and found it here in Kingston.
Am doing it again July-Sept for 8 weeks/4 sits (some nice long ones there) - will have to do 1 hotel night between sits 2 and 3, and maybe 2 nights between 3 and 4 but will keep looking.
I’ve found HOs to be very cooperative about coming a day early or staying an extra day, especially if there is a guest room and I’m not disrupting things.


We do have gap days, but for the last couple of UK summers that has been a good thing, my mum has not been so well so we spend a few days in-between with her, shopping etc.
When we housesit abroad we treat it as RnR from backpacking, so don’t want it back to back