Why do some forum replies not show who they are replying to?

I notice there are three types of replies on the forum:

  • A reply with a quote, so it’s obvious who they are replying to.
  • A reply without a quote but it still says in the top right who they are replying to.
  • And a plain post that you can tell from the wording, is a reply to another post, but it gives no indication as to who they are replying to.

It is frustrating when you can’t follow the conversation. I have noticed it with my own posts and with other people’s posts.

How come this happens?

Thank you

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This happens when members don’t understand the difference between the two reply buttons.
“Reply” on the bottom right (grey on white, inside window)= answering directly
“Reply” on the very bottom (white on green, outside) = answering in general

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Ah thanks!

I have been using the big green Reply box when answering the OP. But I will always us the Reply box inside each post from now on, even for the OP.

Thank you.

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Wait… Nooo!

My reply above was definitely from clicking the “Reply” button inside your comment @Pawtastic. And yet I cannot see your name on my Reply!

So I think the forum is not working as it should.

:woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3: Then I also don’t know why…
I see that you have replied to me.

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Yeah it worked the second time I replied to your post. But not the first time.


Thanks for the screenshot!

This reply was ALSO a direct reply to @Pawtastic, and yet IT does not show their name. So the forum is not consistent.

Moderators or tech people, please can you tell me why this happens? Thank you

I think that if your reply immediately follows the post you are replying to, it doesn’t show, but if there is another post between, then it shows.

So - if you see a reply to someone and there’s no indication who it’s replying to, look at the previous post.

ETA: As you can see, I am replying to your post above. But it doesn’t show. If I reply to one of your previous posts, it will indicate which one.

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OK thanks a lot @Kelownagurl
(This is a test In Between Post!)

Will post again to test your theory… hang on!

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Moment of truth…

Yay it worked! Looks like you are right @Kelownagurl

Thank you!

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Yay, I’m glad it worked!


@BillyBonnieBenji Here’s an option for you to consider. Long ago I adopted the habit of always starting my post with who I’m replying to, regardless of the variables. I find it far easier and I think far clearer for those reading my posts. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Snowbird ! :grinning:

Yes I think I will from now on, thank you

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