Wild bird feeding icon

I wonder if THS could do a symbol for home owners to put wild birds on their postings. It may be that I just do a lot of rural sits but almost everyone has wild bird feeding, sometimes mentioned, sometimes not (I ask now). It’s just some of these take quite a lot of time refilling 8 different feeders every day or two and sweeping underneath etc. Sometimes even more time than the pet! I love watching the birds but it would be good to know in advance and also for the HOs to appreciate that this is using up your time too, not just the cats and dogs.


Yes, good idea! I have also been asked to clean out and make fresh hummingbird “nectar” (sugar water) to refill the feeders. There are probably other examples. Some people probably feed wild animals that are not mentioned in the listing.


I’ve done sits like that, too. But those hosts have either made the bird feeding optional or left it unsaid, which to me means I’ll do what I can or feel like. For instance, it’s been so cold during my current sit that the hummingbird feeders have frozen and aren’t defrosting much even after a third or fourth day. I see the birds coming and sitting a long time, as if they’re trying to suck what defrosts slowly.

I’ve also previously fed a squirrel that was a regular visitor, also undeclared in the listing and optional as well.


@Maggie8K, I’m so curious as to where you are. Hummingbirds have been gone from our area (Eastern/Mid-Atlantic US area) for a while and won’t return until April. I hope it warms up there so they can eat.

@sledgejoyce, I’ve been in Seattle, Washington state, which is on the West Coast of the U.S. for folks who aren’t familiar. It’s been unusually cold. I previously lived here for years and my hosts have lived here for years and likewise find the weather unexpectedly cold. They’ve had to order spigot covers that I’ve installed, for instance. Homeowners know that when it freezes and water expands, that can burst outlets, pipes and such. And today, I walked out to take in the trash bins and found it icy on walkways and sidewalks. It’s a good thing I know to be careful and test my steps, because it’s easy to take a fall.

From the East Coast, where I live, my husband sent me this photo yesterday, where you can see the tracks from deer. They usually dine on our landscaping, LOL. We live next to conservation woods, so we frequently see them.


Great idea!