Worldwide Insurance for Nomads aged 70+

My partner and I have a full year travel insurance policy which expires shortly. Can’t renew it until we return to Chile, our country of residence. World Nomads only cover under 65s. Other insurers don’t cover Chilean citizens. The only quote I’ve found (battleface) is almost USD7,000 for a year’s cover. Does anyone know of any cheaper alternatives?

I don’t know anything about insurance for Chileans.

Hi @Katita - have you had a look at Safety Wing?

Safety Wing don’t offer coverage over age 69

Have you checked with Allianz?

We have found that no one offers good insurance for over 70s. When they do, it’s a reduced amount paid out ( for the same outrageous premium cost) and if it involves pre-exiting conditions it will pay nothing. Sorry but at 70+, most everything is a pre-existing condition! So it looks like it will only pay for accidents. We take our chances and go for it. That’s what my MasterCard is for, plus we get airmiles. :sunglasses:
FYI, we will be traveling and house sitting in the UK for 2 months, then Spain and France for another 2 months.

We have just found out that the UK Post Office does travel insurance for any ages, any length of trip. Huge celebration for us as we thought we couldn’t get cover.
However, I’ve checked and you must be living in the UK. Sorry.

Well I’ll certainly check out the PO as I live in the UK and at the last renewal was struggling to get a deccent policy at a reasonable price for annual travel insurance now we’ve turned 65. Wouldn’t be so annoying if we weren’t both incredibly healthy for our age.

“Based on the trip details that have been entered, the coverage you have requested is not available for purchase online.” That’s for a year, multi-trips. Allianz do quote up to 6 months otherwise, for which the premium’s not too bad but, honestly, the benefits offered hardly warrant buying insurance.

Thanks @Mary.Willmon for confirming what I suspected. I see you’re from the US where you get great advantages from certain credit cards, must check if Chilean cards have any worthwhile insurance benefits though I doubt it! If we’re petsitting at our ages I guess we’re prepared to take inherent risks.

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Our credit cards don’t provide insurance, they are just a way to pay a bill. Sorry for the misunderstanding. But! We do still get airmiles, which is how we pay for most of our overseas travel. Enjoy your housesitting!

That’s very risky not having in insurance a 3 week stay in a French hospital for an emergency and critical care for a friend was £27,000. He hardly paid anything, a European health card quartered the bill and the insurance sorted the rest. I know you are from the States. We were in a car accident and the insurance details were needed while I was on a stretcher in A&E. In France there is an admin person to see before you can leave to make sure they have all the details of how you will pay and they collect the money. There was a separate daily charge for the room and food.
I worked for the Financial Ombudsman, and believe me, I have seen lots of heartbreaking muddles because of lack of insurace, not declared medical conditions, etc.

You can get pre existing insurance for over 70’s in the UK. I changed though and use a banks ‘free’ insurance but pay an excess for my husband who has a heart condition. The only restrictions are a 30 day travel but I bet they’d extend that at a price. I use Nationwide Flexplus account.

Thanks @Elsa1. Nationwide Flexplus also use battleface for non UK residents. In this case the quote is way better, USD4,000 for a year’s cover. Strange, maybe the cover is less than directly with battleface. I’ll have to compare them.

Yes mine is with Barclays, it is until you reach 80 and I extended it frequently when I had a house in France. They do need to know any health declarations, but I have claimed on it twice, it was very efficient.

Barclays only covers UK residents.

It costs per month for the account and if it wasn’t for my husbands health probs it wouldn’t cost me anything more.