Wrong stars rating

I’ve put fewer stars on a sit that i did, but THS published 5 stars, and when I told to ths site it didn’t match my review, they told me they couldn’t change it.

The 14 days weren’t over yet and as I understand right, I could still change or add things to my review.
It was not possible. Niether to delete it.

I didn’t gave 5 stars, but this site did. From now on I will only post a written review.

THS doesn’t change the star rating and/or reviews and feedback—something else might have happened. I’ve read somewhere on the forum that if you hover over a star while still deciding, the system might inadvertently “register” that as your choice and assign an incorrect rating to the sit. Unfortunately you cannot go back and rectify or delete—once it’s posted, that’s it.

I also don’t believe that you can leave a review in words only without stars.

In this specific case, does your review contradict the star rating? IMO people will pay attention to what you wrote.

Not sure that’s true. I had a HO leave a positive written review but then give me 1 star. I contacted THS support about the written and star rating not matching. They reached out to the HO, who said they weren’t sure what happened - that they thought they left 5 stars. THS changed it to 5. No reason things couldn’t get messed up in the other direction.


I meant to say that the THS doesn’t change the star rating liberally, just because they don’t like the look of a rating. I know they have sometimes changed it at the request of the reviewer, be it a sitter or a HO.

Well that could be your experience, not mine. Thanks anyway for your opinion.

THS initially helped me change my review because I asked for it. It was not grammatically correct and I wanted to add some extra text. But they didn’t want to change the stars (I’m new here to the site, maybe I did it with the stars and didn’t know).

Anyway, I’ve read in other comments that THS’s new system has glitches and it happened the other way around, the HO gave 5 stars but was only 1 in the review.

I also didn’t know you could give a review without a star rating. I’ll pay more attention to it in my next review.

Thanks for all the responses and help.

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It’s not possible to leave a review without first rating the star category.

There have been lots of glitches which resulted in members being given less stars than intended . THS say it’s user error but it has happened a lot.

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Why didn’t you add it at the beginning if it was something that would have helped future sitters make a decision about whether or not to do a sit? This is the whole point of blind reviews.

Because I was still writing my review and it wasn’t ready yet, I accidentally sent it before I knew it.